USA Gnome Display

There is something about an Americana display that feels like Summer.  Do you agree?  Hi, it's Maureen with you today from the design team, and I have to share that I just love patriotic decor.  And gnomes.  And gnomes dressed in patriotic decor.  Ha!


I love these gnomes and I've made several - I'm starting to gather quite a collection!  This one is perfect for those Summer events, all decked out in red, white and blue.  He is the Medium #1 Gnome Wood Decor but I think I will call him Uncle Sammy.  Tee hee!


These gnomes are perfect for painting or paper, and this time I chose to cover mine in various patriotic themed papers.  I'm starting by tracing all the pieces with a pencil on the coordinating papers:  striped for the hat, blue for the pants, white for the beard and peach for the nose and hands.

I glue all these pieces on with a regular paper glue; however, you can also decoupage these and it works great!  An awesome idea if you are putting this outdoors.


Next, I dust the edges with a sponge and some ink for some dimension.  I also cut out red ovals to put on for his shoes instead of trying to trace it.

For the hat, I added a blue card stock stripe and trimmed the edges off.  Then, I used a star die cut with some white paper and added that to the trim.


To glue the pieces together, I like to use a wood glue.  This time I tried a hot glue and it also works well, but consider whether your project will be inside or not.  Clamp these together if needed, when using a wood glue and make sure it drys thoroughly.

Now it's time to give Uncle Sammy an item to hold - so I've chosen the Popsicle Mini Shaker and the Winter Sequins.  To assemble, I glued on white paper to the base chipboard piece, then stacked the 2 bottom layers on top.  Next, I filled the item with the sequins and glued on the acrylic cover.  Make sure to remove the protective sheet on both sides.


The final layer is glued on top and then I went over it with some red sparkle glitter.  Let this dry really well before gluing it to the gnome.

I put his hand under the shaker and then also glued on some fun cupcake toothpicks that I had that looked like sparklers, and glued his hand on top.


This project is complete and Uncle Sammy is ready to greet my visitors!  This will be a great decor item all Summer (and again for Veteran's Day).  Where would you put your gnome decor?

Thanks for visiting the blog today and don't forget to check out the Clear Scraps Summer decor this month.  Additional supplies needed are below.  Cheers!


Additional supplies:  card stock in blue, white, peach and red; red striped paper; star shapes or star die cut; Distress inks for edges in black; party toothpicks; wood glue or hot glue



Coffee Talk Memory Card Box

"I don't have a relationship with coffee, coffee has a relationship with ME."  Ha, ha - hi there!  It's Maureen with you today and I'm excited to be sharing one of the newest products from Clear Scraps - the DIY Memory-Dex box and cards!


As is my nature, I like to pick themes that "speak to me."  And coffee definitely does that, ha ha ha!  I wanted this project to be a fun item to flip through but also have the ability to be a gift or functional in its purpose.


I'm starting with assembling the box, which Clear Scraps makes so incredibly easy!  These pieces fit together like a glove and make your job so simple.  Just add glue!


I'm using a tacky glue because I find it to be very easy to work with, but also secure to hold the pieces together.  However, you can use any standard wood glue as well.  I've added glue on each joint, and started with the side and back panel.  After a few minutes, I've added the other side and front panel.

Wipe off any excess glue you see with a wet paper towel or wipe.


Next, I insert the rods into the holes of the smaller wood pieces and then lay that entire section in to the box first.  Then, I squeeze some glue on the back and front of the box bottoms, and push the smaller pieces up against it.  Seriously - this is one easy item to assemble!  It only took a little while to put together and some time to dry.


The outside of the box is decorated in several coffee themed patterns, and I've simply traced the boxes with a pencil.  Any excess edges are trimmed with a detail scissors after gluing on to the sides.


My papers had fun quotes so I cut one of them in strips and added it to both sides of my box, along with a white card stock border.  All edges are dusted with some brown ink, to give it dimension.  I've also stamped a sentiment and added a die cut "coffee" phrase to the front with glue and pop dots.


Now for the cards - I've chosen the Rounded Chipboard Divider file cards for this project, and I'm covering each one with card stock.  I've stamped fun coffee sayings on the fronts, and added assorted patterned papers as strips across or down.  Finish these fronts off with some cute embellishments like small coffee cup die cuts, bows and gems and dust the edges with more brown (or black) ink.


The backs of the cards are also covered in card stock - and I've added an additional piece of card stock to them, to make a pocket.  Glue your pocket only on 3 sides, leaving the top open to slip in a message, gift card...or even coffee supplies!


What a great gift this makes!  What I love about this box is that my other rolodex-style cards fit in it as well, so it is extremely versatile!


How will you use a Memory-Dex box?  I am so excited about this new product from Clear Scraps and eager to know what you might make with one.  I'm off to have a cup of coffee now - see you next time!



New Memory-Dex Travel Box


Tami here with you on the Clear Scraps Blog. I have a project I'd like to share with you that features a brand spanking new product line from Clear Scraps - Memory-Dex.

The boxes come in several sizes and designs and there are both chipboard and acrylic dividers in several styles as well.

My project uses one of the longer boxes. My hubbie and I are now empty nesters - which I am still getting used to saying. It's like I think the little, well no so little, birdies will be flying back any day!

So lately, we've been thinking about the places we'd like to travel to. I thought this box work well for keeping track of various places we run across that we are interested in visiting...


Here is a look at it from the side...


I labeled the dividers "land", "sea" and "air" so I could sort our mode of travel along with the destination...


To make the Memory-Dex box, I painted the interior pieces with a vanilla paint. I also painted the tabs on the outside since they would show once the box was assembled.

I covered the sides and ends with printed paper and used the Sanding File to smooth the excess paper from the sides. 

I assembled the box and glued it together. I used rubber bands to hold the pieces in place until the glue dried. Once the glue had set, I added the dowels and sliders.

I also painted the bottoms of the chipboard dividers.

HINT: don't cover the tabs with printed paper, the thickness of the added layer will make the box harder to assemble.

Next came the fun part! Time to embellish the dividers and fill up your box!

Thank you for stopping by the Clear Scraps Blog today, please come back soon!


Clear Scraps: Long Memory-Dex Box and Rounded Tab Chipboard Dividers

Other: Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry, Printed Papers, Vanilla Paint, Ribbons and Twine

I Heart U Valentine Home Decor

Hello Crafty Friends!

Dana here! Hope the New Year is treating you well so far. Valentines Day isn't far away,  but there's plenty of time to get started on those projects. Today's project will feature Clear Scraps Wood Deco 3 pack, Click here Wood Shiplap Small square Click here and mini shaker Double Hearts! Click here We'll be creating a cutesy Valentine's day project I hope you'll like. 


To begin our project, remove your  Shiplap Small square from your package. Taking some Folkart Matte White Wicker acrylic paint and a paintbrush, apply the paint over the surface including the sides. Set aside to dry. 


Take out your mini shaker pieces. And trace the bottom piece onto any Valentines Day paper collection you prefer. I'm using an older paper collection from Crate Paper "Main Squeeze." Cut out and glue your paper down onto your bottom shaker piece. Taking an xaco knife, trim away any excess paper.  Smooth any rough edges using a Distress tool or sanding tool. Next take your top shaker piece, and cover with patterned paper, glitter, paint or any craft medium you prefer. I chose to trace my double hearts top shaker piece onto this pink/white hearts paper from this collection. I traced, cut out and glued in place. Trim and Distress as we did in the previous step.


Then glue the next 2 chipboard pieces onto your bottom piece, using Beacon glue. Add any shaker filler you prefer, sequins, hearts, beads. I'm using Clear Scraps Sprinkles Hearts Confetti filler Click here


Then taking your acrylic shaker piece  peel off the protective film from both sides before adhering in place. Glue your top piece in place. Set aside to dry throughly before shaking!

Next up using scrap papers from this collection, I cut 4 strips of coordinating papers measuring 4x7/8 inches. I inked my paper strips using Distress Ink Gathered Twigs. Then glue each strip onto each section of your Shiplap Small square surface. 


Taking another coordinating paper (I used red/white polka dot paper) I repeated the same steps to cover the front surface of my Wood Deco Shape. 


Now we ready to start decorating our home decor piece! I like to use a variety of different embellishments including chipboard stickers, ephemera, etc...I also arrange and figure out where I want to adhere my embellishments before adhering them.  I also took some pipecleaners, 3 red and 3 white. I twisted one red and white pipecleaners together and then using Hot glue adhered around the edge of my Wood Deco Shape. 


I glued my shaker towards the upper left corner. I added a chipboard sentiment piece along the top of my shaker. On the bottom using foam dots, I adhered this "Love You" badge sticker. Here's a peek!


I adhered my Shiplap Small square on the right side. I glued a cute pineapple smiley ephemera piece over the top section and a strawberry smiley sticker to the left. I added a chipboard sticker sentiment on the polka dot strip. On the 3rd section, with pop dots I applied another smiley heart and some XO's stickers on the right side.

My bottom strip, I adhered acouple puffy heart stickers. Below my Shiplap shape, using foam dots I adhered a string of sticker hearts! Here's a closeup!


To finish my project, I added a metal hanger on the back side of my Wood Deco Shape. You could add a hanger to the back using ribbon, jute cord or tulle!


I hope you liked my project idea and are inspired to start creating your own Valentines Day project! Be sure to visit the Clear Scraps website Click here

Check back often so you don't miss all the new products coming from Clear Scraps! Thanks again for stopping by the Clear Scraps blog! 

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


Other Supplies Used: Crate Paper Main Squeeze paper collection, Folkart Matte White Wicker acrylic paint, scoring board, paper trimmer, Tim Holtz Distress Ink Gathered Twigs, foam dots, Distress or sanding tool, red/white pipecleaners, Beacon glue. 


Sunny Deco Frame

 Hello friends, it's Sandy Diller here today with a little spot of sunshine.  This happy frame is just the thing to brighten your day.  

I used the Base with Deco Frame for this fun project.  It was fast and easy to add a little sunshine to a winter day.

All you need for this project is a photo, a little paint and some paper or silk flowers.

Thanks for stopping by - have a sunny day,


Stenciling with Torch Paste


Tami on the Clear Scraps Blog with a new project I'd like to show you.

If you check out crafting on any social media you have probably seen a new take on woodburning using torch paste.

I was intrigued by this process since - as you know - Clear Scraps has a LOT of different types of wood products!

I was especially interested in using the paste with a stencil as Clear Scraps carries LOTS of those too!

My youngest son got my a jar of the paste for Christmas as well as an industrial strength heat gun - which I hadn't really thought I needed. I found out quickly that I DID indeed need it as my regular embossing gun did not produce enough heat to "burn" the paste after 7-8 minutes. I'm not sure if with enough patience it would not have worked though.

It was fun experimenting with this new product and it was also very easy to do. The paste worked very well through the stencil and I got clean and clear results.

Here are a few HINTS to make the process easier for you if you'd like to try it:

  • lightly sand the surface of the item you are using and use a cloth to remove any excess dust.
  • chose a HEAT PROOF surface to work on!
  • tape down the stencil to the surface of the wood.
  • use a small sponge to apply the paste THINLY. I first tried using a palette knife, but this gave me a raised application of the torch paste that burned on top of the wood instead of into it. remove stencil after a few minutes.
  • allow the paste to dry completely before heating.
  • the heating process takes time, move the heat gun around the stenciled area, keeping it several inches above the surface. It is important to keep the gun moving and not hold it too close to the wood.
  • once you see the paste start to turn colors, continue to heat to desired color. You can stop at a light brown or keep heating for a darker brown or black. Be careful not to overheat which could result in you scorching the rest of the wood surface.
  • let the wood cool before handling and treat the heat gun as you would a HOT pan!

OBSERVE all the precautions you would take with fire or heat

I used the Small Shiplap Circle and Bouquet of Daisies 6 X 6 stencil on this embellishment for a basket.

Clear_scraps_shiplap_circle_wood_torch_paste_woodburning_burning_tami sanders

Clear_scraps_shiplap_circle_wood_torch_paste_woodburning_burning_tami sanders_cu

I applied a clear matte coat to protect the wood, but you could also stain it.


Clear Scraps: Small Shiplap Circle and Bouquet of Daisies 6 X 6 stencil

Other: Torch Paste, 1800 watt Heat Gun and DecoArt Clear Matte Sealer

Vintage Truck Welcome Sign

 Hello Crafty Friends

It's Sandy Diller here today with a cute Vintage Truck, I had so much fun painting and decorating this little gem I just had to share it. 

I have it hanging just outside the front door so friends and guests can enjoy it.

I used the XL Wood Vintage Truck to start this project.


This is how it looked when I started.

Here is a closer look so you can see some of the details.  I first painted it blue and then added some Distress Oxide ink around the fenders and wheel wells to make it appear rusted.  I cut circles from black paper for the wheels and then added the red and blue inner wheel. They are made from glass because I had it available, but they could easily be made from chipboard and a large button for the hubcaps. I covered the opening with paper from the back.  

It really looks cute on my front porch, and I hope you have enjoyed seeing it,


Clear Scraps--Mini Shaker--Cuppa Love To Go Home Decor

Hi everyone!  Laura here with you today to share an idea for a cute Valentine's Day home decor project!

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_Cuppa Love To Go(1)

The Clear Scraps Wood Shape 3 Packs are such a great blank canvas for so many of YOUR creative ideas!  Here I used the Wood Mason Jars 3 Pack.  I started by painting the base with black acrylic paint, and the "lid" with gray paint.  I then brushed it lightly with black paint to give it a little dimension.

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_Cuppa Love To Go_tutorial 1(1)

After it was dry, I used the Clear Scraps 5x9 Grunge Brick Stencil--love this one because it has the bricks and also this great basic stripe that is really versatile!  Pink acrylic paint was sponged on through the stencil and it has a slight uneven look because of the pattern and I also went lighter in some areas as well.  After that dried, I used a large script stamp and white ink to create a background.  The white really pops on the black, but is still soft enough to let the decorations take center stage.  Which brings me to the next step...

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_Cuppa Love To Go_close up 1(1)

The adorable Clear Scraps Mini Shaker Coffee Mug!  This is a favorite because it's really season-less!  You can use it for any holiday, any occasion like a birthday, thinking of you, and yes, you can even use it on a home decor Valentine's project!  Here I painted the top frame piece with bright pink and white acrylic paint, added a pretty pink patterned paper to the back layer, and then finished it off with the Sprinkles Heart Confetti Mix available in the Clear Scraps store.  There are a lot of options in the store for both shakers and fillers for all kinds of occasions and projects, find the shakers HERE and the fillers HERE.  And after the shaker was done, I added a few ephemera pieces and the twine around the top.

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_Cuppa Love To Go_close up 2(1)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Hope you found a little inspiration in today's project!


Supplies Used:

Clear Scraps:  Wood Mason Jars 3 Pack, 5x9 Grunge Brick Stencil, Mini Shaker Coffee Mug, Sprinkles Heart Confetti Mix.

Other:  Acrylic paint--black, pink, gray, 49 & Market Spectrum Sherbert Collection--paper and ephemera,

Stampers Anonymous Script Stamp, Brilliance Moonlight White Ink, twine, glue, foam tape.

Shiplap Jar Baby Bottle Display

Do you struggle with ideas to give to new parents?  I know that it's fun to shop for baby clothes but sometimes I want to give a gift with more meaning too.  Hi, it's Maureen with you today!  I have a clever idea for you, using the Small Shiplap Jar Wood Shape from Clear Scraps.


This project can be a name display for a baby shower or a picture frame - the possibilities are endless!  I've chosen a yellow gingham paper as a backdrop, and traced the shape on the paper.  I've cut it out and began to stencil a design on the front.  This 6" Flowers Masking Stencil is SUPER cute for this project!  I'm using a light gray ink and a sponge to stencil over the paper.


Glue the floral stenciled paper to the jar.  Sand the edges or trim as needed.


Next, I've cut a baby bottle shape out with my electronic cutting machine in both white and yellow card stock.  I've estimated the size of the jar because I then glue this to the top of the jar.  Right before gluing, I stenciled a pattern on the rim with gray ink, using the 6" Plaid Masking Stencil.  I love yellow and gray together!


A 3D element I add next is a white lace ribbon, right under the rim of the baby bottle lid.  Glue this on with a tacky glue.

More embellishments are added at the bottom corner and top as well.  These include a variety of buttons, flowers and ribbon.


Next, use a mini clipboard clip and some tacky glue and adhere it to the front.  This can be left empty until you give it to the recipient.  They can add a photo of their future bundle of joy when they arrive.  Or, you can do what I did and add a paper frame with some paper embellishments to make it more obvious that a picture should go there.


What a delightful gift to give to a new mom (or dad)!  What other designs can you see yourself making with this jar shape?

Thanks for joining me!  See you next time!


Clear Scraps--Shiplap Shapes--I Love Winter Home Decor

Hi there everyone!  Laura here with you today to kick start the New Year with some crafting inspiration!

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_I Love Winter Home Decor(1)

So as all the holiday decor comes down, I always find myself looking for a little decor to brighten up those dull winter days.  I love the buffalo plaid look and that combo of red, white and black for a cozy winter theme, so I grabbed some patterned papers, a stencil and some paint, and one of the Clear Scraps Heart Shiplap Shapes in the large size.

These pieces are so large,pieces are SO large--a 12x12 paper will not cover them.  So I started by painting the top and bottom with black acrylic paint, then I used the Clear Scraps 6" Nordic Snowflakes Stencil to add snowflakes with white paint.   Then I cut 2 pieces of plaid background paper to cover the center.

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_I Love Winter Home Decor tutorial(1)

To cover the gap left, I cut a larger piece of buffalo plaid paper, and then punched a snowflake border out of black cardstock.  Next step was to create the cute mitten shakers.  These are the Clear Scraps Mini Shaker Mittens.  They are also painted with black and white acrylic paint, and the back traced onto a pretty paper, cut out, then glued onto the back piece. 

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_I Love Winter Home Decor close up 1(1)

Once dry, they were filled with Clear Scraps shaker fillers--a combo of the Sprinkles Love Mix and the Holiday Sequins (with the green color pulled out).  They were tied with a twine bow and glued onto the buffalo plaid area.  Then to add a little fun touch, I painted some of the Clear Scraps Nordic Snowflake Chipboard Embellishments to place around the mittens.  Then I added enamel dots on the snowflakes.  You could use any bling, or even some glitter glue to give them a little pizzazz.  The title was added next to this.

Clear_Scraps_Shiplap Shape_I Love Winter Home Decor close up 2(1)

I used some glittery alphas, a few stickers, and cut a heart from the buffalo plaid.  The result is a cute project to decorate during the winter doldrums!


Thanks for stopping by today!


Supplies Used:

Clear Scraps:  Heart Shiplap Shape, 6" Nordic Snowflakes Stencil, Mini Shaker Mittens, Sprinkles Love Mix, Holiday Sequins, Nordic Snowflake Chipboard Embellishments.

Other:  Acrylic paint--black, white.  Black cardstock, twine, enamel dots, Hickory Smoke Distress Ink, Photoplay Paper Kringle & Co.


Winter Wall Hanging

Happy New Year Crafty Friends!

Hope you all had a safe and joyous Christmas too! I'm back on the Clear Scraps blog with a Home Decor project you can display during the winter season. It's frigid here where I live. Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up with a hot cup of cocoa, and craft! 

For this project I'll be using the Clear Scraps Square Medium Pallett Click here Winter Flake Shapes Click here and Chipboard Mittens Click here


To begin I took some Folkart White Wicker acrylic paint and applied the paint along the edges of each pallet section. Let dry.


Now chose any winter themed paper collection you have in your craft stash, I'm using Carta Bella Welcome Winter collection. I cut 2 of each from the same plaid coordinating papers measuring: 7 & 1/4 x 2 inches. The other coordinating Snowflake patterned paper I cut at 7 & 1/4 x 2 & 1/2 inches. I inked all my papers using Ranger Distress Ink "Gathered Twigs " and then adhered my papers to each pallet section using Beacon glue. Set aside for now.


Now remove your Winter words from the package. I applied some Versamark Clear ink to the surface of all letters. Then sprinkled some A-la Mode light blue embossing powder over the top. Shake off any excess embossing powder. Heat with your heat tool. I took and added some fake snow along the top edges of some of letters. 


Now take the Snowflake Shape and apply some Folkart Cottage White acrylic paint on the front surface of your Snowflake. While still wet, I sprinkled some Crystal Snow glitter over the top. Shake off any excess glitter. Set aside to dry. 

Next I took one of the Journaling cards and using a circle diecut, I diecut a sentiment and inked along the edges using Distress Ink faded jeans. Then I adhered the sentiment to the center of my Snowflake. I fussy cut out a cocoa mug from one of the ephemera pieces in this collection. I glued the mug at the bottom. I added some Dazzle Snowflake stickers on each Snowflake point and a few silver gems in each center of my Snowflake sticker! Here's a closeup!


Next take your chipboard Mittens and cut them apart from your frame. You can save your outside frame for future projects if you like. I covered both mitten surfaces with Versamark Clear ink and then sprinkled some Stampendous Winter Wonderland embossing powder over the top of both Mittens. Then heat your embossing powder using a heat tool. For the bottom portion of my Mittens, I applied the same ink and sprinkled some Blue Sparkle embossing powder over the top. Shake off any excess powder. Then heat with your heat tool.


I took some Gold sparklely twine and glued each end to the back of my chipboard Mittens. I applied some foam dots to the backside, before adhering along the bottom edge of my wood pallet. Here's a closeup!


Using foam dots, I adhered my Snowflake Shape at the upper left corner of my pallet. Then glued my Winter words in the center. I added a puffy sticker Snowflake on the dot above my letter "I".  I also added a chipboard sentiment to the upper right. Here's a closeup!


To finish,  I attached a metal hanger on the back! Now it's ready to display on your wall!


I hope you enjoyed my project today! Thank you so much for stopping by the Clear Scraps blog! Please check back to see more project inspiration from our Design Team members! Be sure to visit the Clear Scraps website Click here for all your crafty supplies and see what's new!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


Other Supplies Used:

Heat tool, foam dots, Beacon Glue, Stampendous embossing powder in Winter Wonderland and Blue Sparkle, paper trimmer, Ranger Distress Ink Gathered Twigs, scoring tool, Versamark Clear ink, Carta Bella Welcome Winter collection, Folkart White Wicker acrylic paint, metal hanger, Dazzle Snowflake stickers, silver gems, white and gold twine.






Snowflake Mini Shaker Shiplap Decor

Hello everyone and happy New Year!  Hope you had a wonderful New Years!  Jennifer here on the blog to share another project with you today!  If you haven't had a chance to create with the new Shiplap Shapes, you must try them!  I love that Clear Scraps offers small and large sizes in each shape!  For my project, I used the Small Circle and Small Square Shiplap Shapes. And I'm going to show you the techniques I used!  


Using a light blue chalk paint, I added a light coat to each of my Shiplap Shapes. I did not worry about having complete coverage and allowed the wood to show through. 


Once my paint was dry, I used a tea light candle to rub wax across the surface of the wood. The rule is the more wax, the more distressed your end result will be. 


I then applied white paint in small sections. Before allowing it to dry, I would scrape in one direction as shown.  


Keep repeating until your entire Shiplap Shape is covered. 


I set my Shiplap Shapes aside to dry and went to work on my Snowflake Mini Shaker Shape.  I painted the top frame as well as the edges of the middle two frames and the chipboard base. 


Using my circle punch, I  added a patterned paper to the center of my shaker adhering with Beacon Adhesive.  I then affixed my two center frames as shown. 


Next, I added chunky glitter and glitter to the center of my shaker.  


I then added the acrylic overlay and top frame; all using my Beacon Adhesive. 


I then went on to assemble my Shiplap Wall Hanging.  I layered patterned paper under my photo as well as added a coordinating chipboard frame.  




Using my hole punch, I threaded ribbon through the two Shiplap Shapes to connect them.  I did not have ribbon that was an exact match so I took white seam binding and used spray ink to color. 


I added my Snowflake Mini Shaker to the bottom Square Shiplap Shape using my Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive. 



Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  You can find all of the Shiplap Shapes by clicking HERE! Have a wonderful day! 

Additional products used:  patterned paper, brads, stickers, die cut shapes, chipboard frame:  Simple Stories; cardstock: American Crafts; paint: FolkArt, DecoArt; adhesive: Beacon, Tombow, 3L Adhesives; sequins: Recollections; circle punch: Fiskars; ribbon: SnugHug; spray ink: Studio Calico; misc:  tealight candle, scraper

Christmas Sparkle Home Decor

Hello Craft Friends!

Dana here and I'm happy to be on the Clear Scraps blog sharing my Christmas Home Decor project using several Clear Scraps products. I enjoy decorating for the holidays. How about you? 

Today's project we will be using Clear Scraps Wood Deco album Click here and Clear Scraps Wood Holiday Collection Shapes Click here


The papers I chose are from Frank Garcia's Christmas Sparkle collection! But any Christmas papers you already have will work just fine! 

To begin, we will only be using one of the Deco album pieces (the one with the tab) for our project base. You can save the other pages for a future project or album.  I am applying Tim Holtz Distress Ink Gathered Twigs on all my papers as well as my wood pieces. 

Taking some Folkart Matte White Wicker acrylic paint I applied about 1" border around my wood base piece. Set aside to dry. 


After your wood base has dried, I cut a patterned paper measuring 10 & 1/2 x 4 5/8 inches, inked the edges leaving about a 1/4inch white border all around the edges. 

Now take your 3 Wood shapes out of the package. I chose 3 coordinating papers to use to cover my wood shapes. 

Snowflake Shape: I took applied some light blue ink to all edges of my Snowflake. Then sprinkled some Sara Davies Winter Wonderland Sparkling Snowflake embossing power over the top. And shake off any excess embossing powder. The heat emboss using a heat tool. For the inside of my Snowflake, using a scalloped diecut I cut out the center of my Snowflake. Inked the edges and glued my paper to the center using Beacon glue. Here's a photo:


Christmas tree shape: I applied some copper ink and gold embossing powder over the top. Shake off any excess embossing powder and heat embossing with your heat tool.


Then I traced around my shape onto my patterned paper. Cut out, glued my paper down and trimmed away any excess paper using my x-acto knife. Here's a photo:


Ornament Shape: I covered the top of my Ornament with some silver glitter paper. Then traced around my shape onto another patterned paper. I chose this cute Santa paper. I think he's adorable! 

Now the fun of decorating your wood shapes! For the tree, I applied some Dazzle sticker stars and fussy cut this lovely angel girl and adhered her onto the right side of my tree using foam dots. I applied some Stickles Diamond glitter on her hat and coat to add some Sparkle! Here's a closeup!


For the Ornament shape I glued a silver white tassel on the tip of Santa's hat. Fussy cut a Christmas Sparkle sentiment and adhered to the top of my Santa image creating a ripple effect. Then some Stickles glitter Stardust on his beard and fur on his hat! Here's a closeup!


Snowflake Shape I applied one of the chipboard sticker shapes in the center of my Snowflake. Then adhered some light blue crystals on the spheres of my Snowflake. Here's a closeup!


To finish this project, I applied some foam tape to the back of each shape before adhering to my wood base. This adds dimension.Then I took some iridescent tinsel and glued a piece along the top edge of my wood base. To cover the 3 holes at the top,  I applied 3 chipboard sticker hearts over the holes. You can add a hanger with ribbon or attach some metal brackets on the backside as I chose to do. Now you have a Christmas handmade keepsake to enjoy for many years to come!


I hope you enjoyed my project today and will be inspired to create one of your own. We'd love to see your creations! So please share with us on our Clear Scraps Creative page. 

Be sure to visit the Clear Scraps website Click here for all your craft needs. We always have something to spark the creativity inside of you! 

Until we meet again, Happy Crafting!


Other Supplies Used: Folkart Matte White Wicker acrylic paint, scoring tool, Beacon glue, Stickles glitter Stardust and Diamond, pompom, fussy cut scissors, light blue gems, foam dots, embossing powder in gold, Sara Davies Winter Wonderland Sparkling Snowflake embossing power, silver glitter cardstock, Frank Garcia's Christmas Sparkle collection, Dazzle sticker stars, iridescent tinsel.

Rejoice! Christmas Decor


Tami here on the Clear Scraps Blog with you today and I have a project I'd like to share with you.

Jesus is the reason for the season, so how about creating some Christmas decor to celebrate his birth!

I combined several Clear Scraps products to create this decor piece...


I started with one of the 8 X 10 Wood Rectangles that come 3 to a pack. Then I separated the Angel Mini Shaker and used the 3 outline pieces for the 3 angels. I used one of Clear Scraps larger stencils for the title, 3 X 12 Rejoice. And for a little texture, I used the Lace Doily Border Stencil for the angel wings. 

I started by creating a night sky background using several shades of blue watercolor powders including a metallic. I sprinkled them on the wood, then spritzed it with water. Once the wood was dry, I added some "stars" using a splatter tool and white pearl paint..


For the angels, I used tone on tone printed papers as a base. I drew a eyes, nose and mouth with a fine black pen on peach paper for the face, cut a dress from some blue paper, and then used white pearl stencil paste to add a design to some cream paper for the wings. I painted the chipboard pieces using a silver metallic pen. Once everything was dry, I assembled the pieces. I traced around the separate parts then cut slightly inside the lines and adhered them to the back of the angels. I added halos using gold mini garland and a poinsettia for trim...


For the title, I used gold texture paste and the Rejoice stencil on red printed paper. Once the stencil paste was dry, I used a white gel pen to outline and define the letters to make them stand out...


I printed the bible verse out on vellum to add under the title.

All the pieces were then adhered to the background.

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.


Clear Scraps: 8 X 10 Wood Rectangles, Angel Mini Shaker, 3 X 12 Rejoice and Lace Doily Border Stencil

Other: Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry, TCW: Gold and White Pearl Texture Butter, Color Burst Blue and Metallic Blue, White Pearl Paint, Fine Black Pen, White Gel Pen, Silver Metallic Pen, Gold Mini Garland, Mini Poinsettias, Printed Papers and Vellum 

Christmas Lightbulb 3D Frameable

Merry (almost) Christmas, everyone!  Are you finishing up any last minute shopping or gift wrapping in these final days?  I want you to consider a handmade gift for those hard-to-shop for recipients.  The Clear Scraps products make the best gifts and can be personalized for any season.


Today I'm sharing an easy frame that will mean a lot to your friends or family, and requires only a few basic supplies.  It's also very quick to assemble, but very meaningful to give.  I'm starting with the Base and Deco Frame for this project.  The frame is traced onto a red plaid paper then cut out.  I glue this on to the frame edge and then the entire frame on to the backing.  Set this aside.


Next, I traced the base of the frame in 2 different papers, one plaid and one in red.  These are glued on with tacky glue and also glued together.  I would also recommend using a hodge podge and filing the edges of the paper first for a longer lasting frame.


I've chosen the Christmas Tree Word N Shape set for decorating this frame.  These sets compliment the 3D Frameable products and are interchangeable with your other sets!  I've painted the word Christmas in white, then added some red speckles by spraying paint on with a toothbrush.


Next up, I took the Christmas tree and added the same plaid paper as the base to the front.  In addition, I'm adding some fun mini lights by wrapping it around the tree and tucking the on/off switch behind the frame.  This is SUPER fun!  This light set is from Tim Holtz, but you can find these online as well.


Now for a final flair, I've die cut several lightbulb shapes in card stock and strung them on some festive twine.  These are then glued around the edge of the frame in an alternating pattern.  I love this look - what color of Christmas lights do you normally use for your tree?


In this case, my picture is glued in to the middle of my frame; however, if you intend on changing it out down the road, I recommend not gluing the frame on at the top so you can easily slide the picture in and out.


This frame is ready for display!  If you store your frames year after year, I highly recommend spraying your pieces with a light sealer first.  Who would you give this frame to this season?  

Thank you so much for being a Clear Scraps friend - happy holidays, and see you next time!


Additional supplies:  acrylic paints, assorted card stock and plaid papers, twine, tacky glue, hodge podge, paint sealer, miniature light set


Joy Mini Shiplap Cutting Board


Tami here on the Clear Scraps Blog today with a project I'd like to share with you.

Clear Scraps has lots of products to help you make some special creations for the holidays. Their new Shiplap Shapes are perfect to use and the Small sizes are great to use for gifting, decor, or even to use as a gift tag for an extra large package. 

I used the Small Cutting Board Shiplap Shape...

to make this cute little piece...


I used the Joy Mini Shaker to embellish it. 

I started by painting the cutting board with a soft ivory paint.

I used a bright red to paint the "J" and "Y" on the shaker and one of the "O" shaker pieces. I painted the inside of the "O" on the base using the same ivory paint as I used on the cutting board.

When all the paint was dry, I assembled the shaker. I added large gold glitter, silver beads and silver sequins before sealing the shaker up. Don't forget to remove the film from BOTH sides of the acrylic piece; it should be crystal clear once the films have been removed.

I adhered the shaker to the cutting board...


Then added some pine and berry trim and a gold bow to the handle and some gold trim below the shaker...


Small pieces like this are nice to use to embellish small spaces or to jazz up a bookcase or shelf. Or write "to" and "from" on the back and use as an extra special gift tag. The lucky recipient will be able to use the tag as a decor piece next year.

If you like this project but would like to make a bigger decor piece, use the Large size, which is approximately 14" long and add one of the XL Script Wood Words or one of the larger stencils.

Thanks for stopping by the Clear Scraps Blog today, please come back soon!

Clear Scraps: Small Cutting Board Shiplap Shape and Joy Mini Shaker

Other: Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry, Cream Paint, Silve Sequins, Large Gold Glitter, Silver Beads, Pine and Berries and Gold Ribbon and Gold Trim