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Autumn Flowers

Hello, Kelly Parker on the blog today with Clear Scraps Mini Shakers creating this fall-themed floral canvas to hang on the wall. 
I started by painting my canvas in green, let it dry then using teal paint with a bit of water over the green to create a mottled effect on the canvas. You can see that the paint doesn't have to be smooth and completely cover the canvas as it will have several layers of paint on it. 
Here I am applying the teal paint and taking some of it off with a paper towel.
I then used my Mini Shaker Mason Jar and filled it with the Ocean colored sequins to mimic water. I then let the shaker dry and painted the "table" on the bottom. To assemble the piece, I glued down the shaker jar, then painted the flower stems in the background, using hot glue, I added the flowers. Then added the sequins to the background. 
I now have a fall home decor piece hanging on my wall! 
Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 

Father Time/Mechanical Santa

Good morning all my fellow artist and mixed media lovers.... This is Dora and today we are going to make something super cool and unique. I just love Christmas!! Though, I also love "time", "mechanical", and "grunge"!! So why not put them all together? Are you ready to dive in and get started? Let's go...

In this piece I am using the Wood Deco, Clock Chipboard, Edison Light Bulb Chipboard, and lots of metal embellishments. Here is a photo of the finished pieced so you can see how it turned out. If you are inspired, grab some materials, and have some fun with me.


So this first step is a little different than normal. I already had the wooden piece covered in crackle medium, as I was going to use it for something else, then of course changed my mind at the last minute. Set it to the side, thought about it, and now here we are making use of it once more. 


Now I start to gather up all the things I want to add onto my panel. Including gears, wire, ornament hangers, and odds n ends. I use my sprays, paints, waxes, and texture paste to color, coat and give that grungy feel.


This is the easiest step - I just take my black ink and distress all the sides of my focal point papers.


Here I am using my own mixture of alcohol ink sprays for the background. You can use any color that you like. I have chosen - orange, green, brown, copper, and blue. 


Once the background is fully dry (I use my heat tool to speed things up a bit), start laying out how you would like to see it on your panel. Take a photo if you feel like you may forget. I personally like going off the whim, so I lay it out and then put it back where I feel it looks good. 


Once everything adhered to the panel, making sure it is dry, I use some of my bright waxes, Teal and Cream, to go over the tops of some of the embellishments. This will allow them to stand out and be seen. You don't want them to be hidden away - you want them to be brightened up a bit. 


And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on my take of Father Time/Mechanical Santa. I say that because we all have our own perception of who these people are. I see Father Time in a mechanical sense. I see Santa as a jolly guy who helps out the kids on Christmas..... So I have just combined them together as one person!! I feel it has come out rather nice and unique. Below you will find the finished panel and close up photos of all the angels. 

Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website!

As always, see you next time!!! Be bless, think outside the box, and color outside the lines!!! All the best artists do!! Happy Creating!!




Art Journal Cover

Good Morning all my fellow artists and crafters. This is Dora and today we are going to decorate a book cover. I am using this as my art journal cover, but you are more than welcome to use it how you see fit. I am using the following materials.... Swirls Flourish Stencil, Blank Wood Album Cover (plain), and the Chicken Wire Chipboard Embellishment Shape. Here is a picture of the finished product and there will be some close ups at the end of this post. Hope you enjoy creating with me today. 


Now let's get started on the basics.... before you do anything always gesso or prime your project pieces, so that they will hold paint, and embossing better. Here I have done that with both the cover, back cover, and the pieces I will be using. 


The next thing I do is paint the pieces - making them appear to be vintage and old.


While those are drying, I take the front and back cover, using a stencil, and crackle paste, create texture for the background of both side. 


Once the crackle paste is fully dried. I begin to add paints and watercolors, for a grungy/vintage look. You can do this by spraying water on the canvas, while wet, apply the paint or watercolor. It will in turn run down and through the texture you created in the step before. As you can see below, I controlled the flow to only move in the middle and where I wanted the color to be.


Now comes the fun part as always, laying out the design you would like on your cover. If you are afraid you may forget, please take a photo with your phone, so that you can reference it when you are reassembling it. I have chosen to use molds and clay for some of my frame, wings, and stars. Now once you are ready, use some matte gel medium to make sure everything stays in place. Paper embellishments can be stuck with regular glue. 


Now I am going to use some matte get medium and place some mini stones along the areas that appear to be a little bare.


Once you have everything in it's place, this step is always optional, as I do love this step, and do it frequently. Cover your focal point (especially if it is a face, animal, or family picture), to protect it from all the splatters we are going to be doing next. I am using liquid acrylic paint. Adding just a tad of water to thin it for the splatter effect.


There you have it.... You are done and just look at what we created together. I am so happy you have joined me today in created this cover for my new art journal. 

Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website!

As always, see you next time!!! Be bless, think outside your box, and color outside the lines!!! All the best artists do!! Happy Creating!!









BOO Sign

Hello, Kelly on the blog with Clear Scraps using their wood products to create a very fun Boo sign just in time for Halloween! 

Supplies - 
Modeling paste
Distress paint
Acrylic paint
Dew Drops
I have to say, I love these wood rectangles for all kinds of projects. They are so versatile and easy to use, they are sturdy, easy to drill and you can use all kinds of mediums on them!
Here is a picture of the products I used to create the sign. First I painted the sign in black then used a circle stencil to add the circles in purple, orange, and green with the distress paints. Then I added the BOO with word stencils and let this all dry. 
While my sign was drying, I took the Bat Mini Palette and painted it black and add some orange dots, I set this aside to dry also. then I took the support off the back and glued the pieces together to form a solid bat shape when this was dry, I glued it to the top right corner of my BOO sign. 
After adding the bat, I used the Dew Drops and placed them randomly around the sign for some bling. Here is my finished piece, ready for Halloween!  I have to say, I think this is my favorite piece and I can't wait to decorate for Halloween! 
Boo finished
Thanks for stopping by!

Shaker Bat and Pumpkins, Oh My!!

Hello, today I am working on several projects for the Clear Scraps blog using their shakers, I have to say, I love their shakers, they are so versatile. They can be used on cards, as tags, for gifts, as ornaments, and lots more, check them out at Clear Scraps

Supplies - 
Mini Shaker Pumpkin
Paper scraps
Emery board
I started these pieces with some scraps of Halloween paper I had and I love how they turned out...it took me a quick minute to realize that I didn't have to cover the whole pumpkin because the edges and the stem would not show.  
Pumpkin shaker
Here is the pumpkin with the paper scraps glued down, I cut along the edges then used an emery board to take off the excess paper.
Pumpkin shaker paper
Here is the bat with some scary eyes for the background!
Bat shaker
Here are the finished pieces! 
Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to see what you create with Clear Scrap designs!

Sisters In Bloom

Good Morning all my crafty and creative friends, This is Dora!! I made this project for my mom. She is giving it to my aunt Donna for her birthday. They are sisters who love nature and especially the spring when everything is in bloom. I created this to show how a bond between sisters is like nature.... The seasons change - but through it all they bloom together in harmony! I am using the Heart Wood Shape and the Tree Stencil for this project. 

119473693_3158840730911021_874160598080385036_n (1)

Here is the video tutorial - I hope you enjoy and remember - you can create anything that your imagination can dream up!!! 



Thank you for stopping by and watching the video. Here are some close ups of the project!! 

Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website!

119486009_631935407518492_5132025479212231327_n 119437846_371055580721298_1918963337388449_n 119504795_351193539403184_8162121972209707430_n


Mother Earth

Good Morning everyone, This is Dora, and we are creating some mixed media dimension. How are we doing that you ask? Well, we are going to go all out and layer lots of mediums!! Hold on tight, because this one is probably one of my most favorite pieces yet!! In this project I have used the wood flower shape, the brick wall stencil, the chicken wire chipboard , the cog wheels chipboard, and the coffee stain stencil.  

IMG_20200912_091146 (1)

As always the first thing I do is prepare the surface with a coat of gesso. Then I use the stencils to create some texture and pop on the surface of the piece.


Once the texture paste is dry fully, I coat it with clear gesso, and begin to give the piece some colors. For this one I am using alcohol inks, with a blending solution, so they move around on the surface. The colors are deep, rich, and grungy. This will help everything on top to stand out more when the piece if finished. 


Then I start highlighting the raised areas with white and green mixed media inx. Taking either a fan brush or a flat brush, gently go over the raised areas. This will give a whole new look to the background. 

IMG_20200911_132601 IMG_20200911_131327

Now here is where I really start having some fun. I collect the elements I want to use. I emboss the ones I would like to stand out, along with coloring the chipboard, and paper elements. Once you have them arranged and where you want them - Use some matte gel medium (or super strong glue, not hot glue) and adhere them down.

IMG_20200911_143255 IMG_20200911_170605 IMG_20200911_180433

As you can see from the last picture above, I have started adhering the pieces to the project. I have the focal point (her face) in a certain spot to make it look like the forest is flowing from within her. For some optional ideas, you can add some microbeads, stones, glitter, or anything else you would like to, for more of a pop. I have chosen to keep her natural and the way she is when finished. Here are some final pictures of how she turned out!

IMG_20200912_091251 IMG_20200912_091214 IMG_20200912_091156

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to get creative with nature. I always love blending the natural world with the not so natural world. The imagination is limitless and there are so many things one can do to create art. So, get out your supplies and keep creating. Hope you have an amazing day!! Blessings always <3

Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website!




Mickey In Autumn

Good morning all my crafty friends, this is Dora, bring you something I created for my mom. She loves Mickey and she also love Autumn. I tried to do something that was different and unique. Taking out the traditional Mickey style and replacing with something seasonal. In this project I have used the Mickey Printer Tray that you can fin HERE! The mini Owl Shaker that you can find HERE! Plus, the Tree Branches stencil HERE! Hope you enjoy reading and learning another way to use something traditional in a non-traditional way! 

Mickey Autumn

The first thing I did was take the Mickey backing piece (the solid one), place it on the paper I wanted to use for the background, and traced around it. I cut out the piece I wanted to use and glued it to the back piece. As you can see from the images below, how the background comes through the "windows" of the frame pieces.

IMG_20200908_095127 IMG_20200908_100145

Next - I took the Tree Branch stencil and did something to ensure that I only placed it where the “windows” would be. Now, here is an easy way to accomplish that. Place stencil on the back solid piece, then lay the open top piece over the stencil to for a sandwich for the stencil, and then apply the paste you would like to use only in the “window sections. This way when you glue the top layers on, you are not getting uneven spots from the paste. Once all of that was finished I glued two of the three layers to the background piece.

IMG_20200908_101013 IMG_20200908_103456 

Next – I took the last top layer and chose two background papers for the ears and the bottom half circle, traced out the size needed, cut them out, and glued them on the back of the piece. once that was dry, I glued the whole top layer to the other two layers. 


Once that was done, I grabbed out the owl shaker and began the process of coloring it gold and bronze. Along with the letters that spell “Jackie” for my mom, with rust paste – red/orange.


Once I had them colored, I placed googly eyes on the owl, some sequins – micro beads – and two leaves, into the shaker area of the owl.


Now we get to do the fun part of gluing the owl all the way together, including the acrylic (remember to take the film off both sides), Gathering the elements to use for decoration, and making sure everything fits nicely. as you can see here I have binder clips in place to ensure a solid hold all the way around. 


When everything is dried on the owl, take the clips off, place glue only where you want him/her to sit, and glue to the top layer of the Micky frame. I have added some little mini beads all over, a few berries and leaves behind his head. Then a small yellow flower beside him.


Thank you so very much for stopping in to read and learn how to put this Mickey Printer Tray together in an autumn fashion. Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website! I just love all their pieces, because they fit so well with the mixed media I love doing!  I just love stepping out of the box and making things unique. Thank you for reading and hope you have a lovely day!! 

Here are some close ups -

IMG_20200908_120152 IMG_20200908_120200 IMG_20200908_120156 IMG_20200908_120203 Mickey Autumn






Notes Album

Hello, Kelly Parker on the blog today with Clear Scraps using their wonderful wood products for all kinds of projects. This project is using the Notes Wood Card covers

Supplies used - 
Notes Wood Card Covers
Archival Ink 
To start this piece, I looked around for coordinating papers to use to cover the inside and back of the card covers. Then I cut down the pieces and used all 0f the scraps on the covers for decoration.
I used the Archival Ink on the front cover to match the paper. To apply the ink, just rub it over the cover until you get the saturation of color you are happy with. 
Here are the inside covers of the front and back of the notes card. 
Here I drilled holes in the note pad and added the book rings.
Here is the back cover.
Here is the finished front cover, you can see where I used all my scraps of paper on the cover. These card covers have lots of potential! I have a few more, I think I will make a journal next! 

"Into The Woods"

Good Morning, all my crafty friends!! This is Dora and today we are going to be working on something out of the "box" for me. As you know, I love mixed media, however, I tend to choose more steampunk, grungy, or a mix for my layouts. Well, a friend and team member (Dana), has inspired me step out and try something new! I really hope you enjoy this video tutorial. I am using the clear acrylic scallop for the back piece which you can find here!


Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website! I just love all their pieces, because they fit so well with the mixed media I love doing! I hope you enjoyed learning another way to use the larger acrylic pieces. I just love stepping out of the box and making things unique. Thank you for reading/watching and hope you have a lovely day!! 

Other Materials used - flowers, mini pine cones, mini wreath (bird nest), floral assortments, shaker leaves, branches from my yard, moss, the deer is from an ephemera kit, and last but not least an embroidery hoop as the frame!! 

Here is a sneak peek at what is in the video!! 


Spread Some Cheer

Good morning all my crafty friends, this is Dora, and this morning we are going to look a a cute way to make some ornament tags. These tags are unique, because you hang them on your tree, and they are acrylic instead of chipboard/wood. I had so much fun making them and had to share them with all of you. These tags were also featured in the Stamp and Scrapbook @home expo which you can find HERE!! If you are interested in making any of these two, you can find the acrylic tag HERE, and the snowflake stencil HERE! Let's get started....

1.) Grab out your acrylic tags and make sure you take the thin plastic covering off each side. Then put a coat of clear Gesso over the front and back of the tags. This will ensure that the paints, pastes, and and stamping stay on the tags.


2.) Choose the stencils you want for the background. I have chosen the snowflake and bulbs. Though, in the end I only used the snowflake one. Grab some texture paste, place the stencil where you want the snowflakes, and apply the paste. Be sure it is fully dry before going to the next step!


3.) this is an option step. If you wanted to do something different, other than with a stencil, you can apply the paste onto the tag. This will give a "snow" like look. as you can see in the photo below, I also added some glitters of all sizes, along with embossing powders. (BE CAREFUL will heating the embossing powders. It will melt the tag if you are not paying attention).


4.) Here I have taken out some stamps to give some background texture to all the white. Be sure to use a permanent ink so they stay and not bleed with anything you add on top.


5.) Next, I start gathering up all the elements I would like to use on the tag. Here are some paper elements that I am going to distress with some inks. It will give it that vintage look when finished.


6.) Now come the fun part... placing all the elements where you would like them to be on the tags. Once you have the composition down, adhere them using a strong glue, to make sure they stay. I am using a matte gel medium. You will also notice that I add a few extras before it is fully completed!!


7.) This is also an optional step, but one I feel bis a must. I love making splatters all the piece when it is completed. Give a pop of color and bring everything together. For this I am using acrylic inks (watered down paints for the use of an ink). With a paint brush - small tipped - dip in the ink and tap all over the tags until it looks just how you like it.


Below you will see the two finishes tags. I can't wait to see what you create for your tree this year. Hope that you have enjoyed learning another way to use the acrylic tags and snowflake stencil. Until next time, HAPPY CRAFTING!!! 

IMG_20200801_125726 (1)

IMG_20200801_130023 (1)

Don't forget to check out ClearScraps HERE! and all the What's New HERE!

Other Materials Used - Gesso, Texture Paste, Glitter, Matte Gel Medium, Sticks from the yard, Paper Elements, Stamps, Charms, Bells, Santa Pin, and Diamond Dots.

Steampunk Family

Good morning everyone this is Dora, hope you are doing well, and having a crafty wonderful day!! This project I am sharing today is very special. I lost my brother to heart failure on Dec. 31st, 2019. Since then I have been memory keeping and trying to make sure I never forget him. So, on my younger brothers birthday, I create this as a present for him to always have something with him. I am using the Family Desktop Frame and the  Bubble Stencil .

IMG_20200717_131554 (1)

The first thing I always do is prepare the wood with Gesso. Here I have used black Gesso for all the pieces. 


The next step is to add some texture with a stencil. I chose the Bubble stencil and some texture paste. Then using some copper and silver leafing finish, I paint the word "Family" on the front and back.


Using Mica Powders I create a grungy colored background on both the front and the back.


Next I arranged all the pieces in the position I wanted them and adhered them to the frame. My brother and his wings were last to place on, I did this with Foam Tape so that he stuck out of the frame!


Then I laid all the pieces out and splattered them with his favorite colors. Orange, Green, and White. Taking the two bottom pieces I place them onto the bottom, adhering them with a strong glue. Let dry over night to ensure it is secure.


The final step was to add a card on the back - From me to my younger brother for his birthday! 


Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website! I just love all their pieces, because they fit so well with the mixed media I love doing! I hope you enjoyed learning another way to use the family frame. I just love stepping out of the box and making things unique. Thank you for reading and hope you have a lovely day!! 

Other Materials Used: Glue, Inks, Watercolor, Paper Embellishments, Printable Digitals, Die Cuts, and Project Life Card.

Sew Artful

Hello and good morning to all you crafty souls!! This is Dora, hope you are doing well, and staying safe out there!! Today I want to share something I made featuring the Blank Wood Cards found HERE! , Dress Form Chipboard Embellishment Shapes found HERE! , and the Chipboard circles/rings found HERE! Since this is a process that takes a little longer to do, I decided to make a video tutorial, that you can follow along with easier. 

Here is the full photo of the finished piece.

IMG_20200716_143949 (1)

Just click play below and enjoy the process!! 

As you seen in the video, it is all about placement, and how you see something come together. For me, I enjoy building up and layering items together, to create a story! 

Here are a couple photos of the finished piece so that you can see the details up close. Happy creating and Blessings!

Don't forget to check out ClearScraps HERE! and all the What's New HERE! 

Materials Used : Chipboard Dress Forms, Blank Wood Cards (2), and the Chipboard Circle/Rings

Other Materials Used : Black Gesso, Cracked Stencil, Mica Powders, Matte Gel Medium, Various Embellishments - flowers, leaves, tape measures, tags, paper, and pearls - Foam Tape, Lace, String, Buttons, and a Small Glass Bottle.


Wings of Fate

Hello friends! Hope you are having an amazing day! With everything happening around us, I wanted to create something fun and give a touch of beauty to someone's life!  One of the first things I  fell in love with were the Clear Scraps wood pieces!  Mixed media is my favorite, so these wood piece are perfect to create on!  So today I'm sharing the 6.5"x9.5" Mason Jar Medium DIY Pallet Shape as the base, then the 4x6 Brick Wall stencil,  Rings Chipboard Embellishment Shapes, and  Wings Chipboard Embellishment Shapes

IMG_20200715_145158 (1)

The first things I do are prepare the surface of the mason jar with two coats of white gesso, then once dry, I use the brick wall stencil to create dimension, and texture to the mason jar. For this I have used crackle paste. Now before the paste is dry, I add some embossing powders to the top so that it sticks to the brick wall. Heat with my heat tool and BAM - You have something truly unique!



The next steps are pretty easy. I take all the chipboard, wood pieces, and anything I want to color over, and brush them with a copper leafing finish. Let them dry. 


This is the part most people feel a little intimidated, but it is not hard at all!! What gives it that dimension? You can use either foam tap or you can use extra wood/chipboard/cardboard as the backing, behind the images. This will "pop" them up off the page. I always like to lay out my pieces before setting them with adhesive. Once they are where I want them, I start adhering them down. Being careful as the glue is still wet. I use a matte gel medium to ensure it stays. 


After everything is adhered down, I cover the face of the girl, and make little splatters with watercolor, and washes (liquid paint for effects). I gently tap my paint brush over the piece, with black, white, and blue colors!!


As you can see from the close up photos, those little splashes make the piece pop! I feel it just brings it all together!!


Thank you for stopping by the blog today! You can see all the wood pieces I used by clicking HERE!!  And while you're at the shop, check out what's new with Clear Scraps! Have a blessed day!

Additional products used: White Gesso, Crackle Paste, Matte Gel Medium, Mica Powders, Watercolors, Glitter Art Glue, Paper Doll, Misc. Findings, Paper Flowers, Paper Embellishments, Paper Straws, wood words, Wooden gears, and cogs. 


12 Inch Flamingos Mascil Canvas Bag

Hello and happy Friday! It's Jennifer here to share a project I  created with one of the new Mascils!  If you are lucky enough to visit the beach or the pool this summer how fun would it be to have your own personalized DIY bag?  I  used the 12 Inch Flamingos Mascil to stencil on a canvas bag and I'm going to show you my technique! 


I  hand washed my bag in cold water and let air dry. I  then ironed out any wrinkles so my canvas would lie flat.  Using painter's tape, I  affixed my Mascil to the front of the canvas. 


Using a foam brush and fabric paint, I  lightly applied both black and pink to the appropriate areas of the flamingos. As a rule, its best to paint dark to light so I  painted the legs/bill first.  I  allowed ample drying time between colors.  


Using my  Silhouette machine, I   cut a template for the wings of each flamingo. With a journaling pen, I  traced around the shape on the backside of some cute pink gingham fabric I  found.  I  cut each piece out with scissors and affixed using my hot glue gun. 



From my stash, I  also affixed small black buttons for the eyes again using my hot glue gun. I  love how it gives my bag a little dimension! 


Thank you for stopping by the blog! You can see all things new by clicking HERE! Have a great day! 

Additional products used:  paint: Tulip; journaling pen: American Crafts; die cut machine: Silhouette; misc: canvas bag, foam brush, button, fabric, hot glue gun.