Mother's Day Basket of Flowers


Hello crafty peeps! It's CraftyScrapsByKel with you here again today. I truly debated internally about what project to do this month because I had several goodies left in my ClearScraps basket...and even though we passed Easter, I did really love the basket chip shape that I received. I love to send Mom flowers on Mother's Day, but we all know that the enjoyment time on those is limited. So I thought maybe a little mixed media project this year could be just what I needed to use this shape. And please bear with me because I just dabble in many things--pick up paints and mists when they are on sale and play. I'm no expert in mixed media, it's more like a craft science project. ☺️ I have a hypothesis I'm working toward--let's see if my experiment works!


I started with my basket shape and an older simple set from Simple Stories aptly titled "Hey Mom". I also had a bunch of petite blooms in my stash, and I decided that the ones from Kaisercraft were the perfect size.


I wasn't sure about using paper as a background, but on looking at the basket and the flowers, I thought by piercing a little canvas and pushing the stems through, I could get a really nice stuffed look but not have to deal with stems. So because there's a bit of a mustard and gold in this set, I went with a gold acrylic paint for my basket.


It's bordered in this nice simple frame which I suppose you could use in the design as well--it's a 4x6 size, so very nice for a card. But while I was grateful for it while I was painting, once dry I took some scissors to it and snipped.


When playing with my basket against the canvas, I thought that some ribbon might be a bit of added interest. Could I weave it through the rings of the basket I wondered? That would cover my stems whether or not I used my needle punch. Hmmm. I know that ClearScraps chipboard is strong. Even when you paint it, it is sturdy, so I figured it would stand up to my bad weaving too. Ok I am going to give this a whirl using my plastic craft needles which I use sometimes for sewing on paper. I think I got this pack on Amazon for a few bucks--great value. I thread, tie a loose knot and go. It's not perfect really, and that's ok. It's another element in my mixed media composition, and I like the look of it. What do you think? Would the plain basket have been better?



Before I create my arrangement, I use 1/8 inch double stick tape on the back of the basket and have my Beacon ready to go for a little extra stick in the books and crannies.


Ok now for flowers in the basket. I took one of the 4x4 cards in the set and fussy cut a bunch of flowers and the sentiment. Trusty cutter bees always at the ready! I thought the pieces would be cut tucked around the I set them aside and use a little Wink of Stella to bring out the color and give it a little sparkle. I love these pens when you want just a bit of glitter without dimension--and it dries pretty quickly unlike stickles.


When I needle punched my row of flowers, I alternated rows and after painting I held my basket up and re-pierced some of them and added a less dense, more narrow row on top. I may need to punch more as I insert, but I think I'm good to start.


I take 3 bunches of flowers--two mixed pink and one white and push stem first into the front of the canvas, tucking stem down and pressing lightly in the back. I'm randomly picking my next color, trying to make it look like a natural bunch. I keep going, not in rows but sort of up and down and where I see the next hole. Ok I've got them all in. I think I like it, now to add my paper pieces  including the sentiment. I'm tucking the top and bottom around the flowers and now Happy Mother's Day. I need to give it a once over after some time. I think time can be a great gift to our crafting--different light, different mood and perhaps you know just the right twist on a project.




So now, I think it's time to pull these back out and work with my canvas. I wanted to pull the teal out of the background.


I used some acrylics and a Tim Holtz distressed spray to achieve an aqua tealish background on my canvas. And then I gave it a spritz as it was drying. But upon coming back to it the next day, decided it was a bit too bold and used white to go back over and create an ombré fade of white to teal. I think it's better.

I just squeezed out a little more white and using the x or cross hatch motion worked my way up the canvas to soften it a bit.


I then place everything again, but before gluing I decide that I want a little something extra across the top. I decided to fussy cut a banner on one of the 4x6 cards in the set, score it a bit to give it dimension, and voila--I think I'm pleased. Hopefully mom will be too!


Here's a look at the dimension:


I think that does it for me. Remember this has been the medium chipboard basket shape. It's great for Easter, but a springtime or Mother's Day basket of flowers is always a good idea too. Please drop me a note if you try a mixed media project with one of the ClearScraps chip shapes. I'd love to see it. Happy Scrapping!





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