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Hi there everyone!  Laura is here with you today to share a few more of the Memory-Dex Acrylic card ideas!

Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station main(1)

More bright, fun, and artistic card for my Inspiration Station Memory-Dex (coming soon!).  This time, it's the awesome Regular Acrylic Divider 3pk!  These come with a protective layer on both sides.  If you peel off one side at a time, you can keep the other clean and pristine til you're ready to use!  There are three different techniques used with the alcohol inks.Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 1(1)This first card was created using blue and green alcohol inks first applied to a felt square and brushed horizontally across the card.  Then I used the bottles and just randomly dripped ink until I liked the look.  These are really forgiving which makes it great to get creative with!  A little scrap strip of paper on both sides and a few sticker complete the card.  The only "trick" with acrylic is to make the back side of the card the same.

Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 1 back(1) You can see the flip side has different stickers, but you have a similar look.  The next card was also created using the felt square application technique.

Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 2(1)This time I just went around the edges of the card and swiped the ink soaked felt around the edges.  It created a frame of sorts, and the paper was cut to fit the open center, then decorated with a few scraps and stickers.  Again, sticking with the same size paper for the other side to keep it the same so it doesn't show through the acrylic.

Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 2 back(1)A few fun stickers add a nice pop of color on this side!

To complete the third card, I grabbed the Clear Scraps 6" Stripes Stencil.  This is a great starter stencil because you can do so much with it!

Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 3 tutorial(2)

The alcohol inks were applied with the felt pad through the stencil.  The random drips of green alcohol ink.  Love the way they run down the stripes too!

Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 3 tutorial 2(1)And with alcohol inks, more is always better, so I added drips of a different blue color and another drip or two of green.  They blend in such a unique pattern--no two alike when you create with these inks!   And here is the finished product!Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 3(1)

And the mirror image other side--including the clip sticker...

Clear_Scraps_Memory-Dex Acrylic Cards_Inspiration Station card 3 back(1)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


Supplies Used:

Clear Scraps:  Regular Acrylic Divider 3pk, 6" Stripes Stencil

Other:  Vicki Boutin Color Study papers and stickers, blue and green alcohol inks, felt pads/applicator, glue, foam tape.

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