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Soft Bunny Pallet Display

I have an obsession with yarn lately.  Funny enough, I don't knit or crochet!  Hi, it's Maureen with you today, and I was looking for a reason to buy all the soft Spring colors of yarn in the stores.  Silly right?


Well, if you want to play with the fun yarn like me, what about making your very own fluffy soft bunny display?  I'm using the Medium Bunny Pallet for this project, along with a thin, white yarn.  My first step is to trace the pallet in a white card stock paper and apply that paper to the sides of the bunny to cover the gaps in the pallet.


Next, I slowly wrapped the pallet in the yarn, starting at the base just above the feet.  If the yarn slipped out of place, I took a little glue and applied it under the yarn.  


I kept wrapping the yard up to the ear bases and then continued wrapping around one of the ears until the top.  Trim off the yarn and proceed to wrap the second ear in the same way.


Continue the same steps for both feet, gluing as you go.  Trim a small piece to cover the gap between the ears and legs and glue it in place.


I'm adding a bow to the bunny by taking 3 separate strips of assorted ribbon and securing them in the middle with a short piece of yarn.  I trim the ends off and tie the bow to the neck of the bunny, slipping the yarn under a piece on the pallet.


Next, I'm using the Easter Chipboard Wood Title as a decor for the bunny's bow, and base-coating this in white acrylic paint.  Once dry, I've dusted the top of the title in pink Distress ink.  I attach this to the bow with a little dab of hot glue.

My bunny gets a fluffy tail pom pom and some assorted flower embellishments finish off my project.  This was so easy and came together in just minutes!  Oh, and he's soft and fun to boot!


Would you try something like this for the upcoming Easter holiday?  I can imagine this in so many different yarn colors.  Oops!   There I go again, dreaming about yarn, ha ha ha!  Remember - only a few simple supplies for this one...glue, the Bunny Pallet shape, ribbon, the Easter sentiment, a flower and pom pom, and of course...YARN.  Ha!

I hope you enjoy your Spring season!  Thanks for stopping by!



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