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Stenciling with Torch Paste


Tami on the Clear Scraps Blog with a new project I'd like to show you.

If you check out crafting on any social media you have probably seen a new take on woodburning using torch paste.

I was intrigued by this process since - as you know - Clear Scraps has a LOT of different types of wood products!

I was especially interested in using the paste with a stencil as Clear Scraps carries LOTS of those too!

My youngest son got my a jar of the paste for Christmas as well as an industrial strength heat gun - which I hadn't really thought I needed. I found out quickly that I DID indeed need it as my regular embossing gun did not produce enough heat to "burn" the paste after 7-8 minutes. I'm not sure if with enough patience it would not have worked though.

It was fun experimenting with this new product and it was also very easy to do. The paste worked very well through the stencil and I got clean and clear results.

Here are a few HINTS to make the process easier for you if you'd like to try it:

  • lightly sand the surface of the item you are using and use a cloth to remove any excess dust.
  • chose a HEAT PROOF surface to work on!
  • tape down the stencil to the surface of the wood.
  • use a small sponge to apply the paste THINLY. I first tried using a palette knife, but this gave me a raised application of the torch paste that burned on top of the wood instead of into it. remove stencil after a few minutes.
  • allow the paste to dry completely before heating.
  • the heating process takes time, move the heat gun around the stenciled area, keeping it several inches above the surface. It is important to keep the gun moving and not hold it too close to the wood.
  • once you see the paste start to turn colors, continue to heat to desired color. You can stop at a light brown or keep heating for a darker brown or black. Be careful not to overheat which could result in you scorching the rest of the wood surface.
  • let the wood cool before handling and treat the heat gun as you would a HOT pan!

OBSERVE all the precautions you would take with fire or heat

I used the Small Shiplap Circle and Bouquet of Daisies 6 X 6 stencil on this embellishment for a basket.

Clear_scraps_shiplap_circle_wood_torch_paste_woodburning_burning_tami sanders

Clear_scraps_shiplap_circle_wood_torch_paste_woodburning_burning_tami sanders_cu

I applied a clear matte coat to protect the wood, but you could also stain it.


Clear Scraps: Small Shiplap Circle and Bouquet of Daisies 6 X 6 stencil

Other: Torch Paste, 1800 watt Heat Gun and DecoArt Clear Matte Sealer


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