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Tami here with you on the Clear Scraps Blog. I have a project I'd like to share with you that features a brand spanking new product line from Clear Scraps - Memory-Dex.

The boxes come in several sizes and designs and there are both chipboard and acrylic dividers in several styles as well.

My project uses one of the longer boxes. My hubbie and I are now empty nesters - which I am still getting used to saying. It's like I think the little, well no so little, birdies will be flying back any day!

So lately, we've been thinking about the places we'd like to travel to. I thought this box work well for keeping track of various places we run across that we are interested in visiting...


Here is a look at it from the side...


I labeled the dividers "land", "sea" and "air" so I could sort our mode of travel along with the destination...


To make the Memory-Dex box, I painted the interior pieces with a vanilla paint. I also painted the tabs on the outside since they would show once the box was assembled.

I covered the sides and ends with printed paper and used the Sanding File to smooth the excess paper from the sides. 

I assembled the box and glued it together. I used rubber bands to hold the pieces in place until the glue dried. Once the glue had set, I added the dowels and sliders.

I also painted the bottoms of the chipboard dividers.

HINT: don't cover the tabs with printed paper, the thickness of the added layer will make the box harder to assemble.

Next came the fun part! Time to embellish the dividers and fill up your box!

Thank you for stopping by the Clear Scraps Blog today, please come back soon!


Clear Scraps: Long Memory-Dex Box and Rounded Tab Chipboard Dividers

Other: Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry, Printed Papers, Vanilla Paint, Ribbons and Twine


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