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Do you cook often?  If so, are you a planner with your menu and grocery lists?  I'm Maureen, and I admittedly am not great at this.  It would help if I could be more organized.  Perhaps writing things down on a chalkboard could help with making lists, right?


I love the idea of having a message board in my kitchen for multiple uses, and I also like the idea of a tablet and/or phone holder to look up and hold recipes.  So, for this project, I've chosen the Vintage Tablet Stand for this menu board.  This acrylic stand is very sturdy - enough to hold a recipe book but also classic enough to turn it into a chalkboard.


This starts with some black chalkboard paint.  Follow the instructions on your paint bottle - in my case, the bottle recommends one coat painted in one direction and a second coat going the opposite way.  Because the acrylic is see-through, I needed to apply 4 coats total.


Each layer of paint needs a good amount of time to dry and "cure" so I recommend leaving it overnight in between your first 2 coats.


Next, I've decided to add my quote at the top with a vinyl cut. This is so much fun and looks much better than handwriting.  This sentiment was an image from the Cricut library, sized down to my tablet size.

Follow the instructions for your electronic cutting machine on how to apply; however, the basics are to cut your image, weed off the excess, peel off the backing and adhere with a transfer sheet.


Now, to add some pattern to my tablet (and match my kitchen), I'm using the one of the Hearts Chipboard Embellishment pieces, and covering it with a patterned paper.  This is glued to the board after a dusting of black ink on the edges.


It's time to use your board!  Would you use something like this in your home or kitchen?  I love that the stand pieces could hold chalk and an eraser too.  I could envision this as a scoreboard project in a kitchen also.  There are tons of ideas available with the Clear Scraps items!

Happy cooking!  Until next time,



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