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Square Reindeer Shiplap Decoration

Rudolph, with your nose so bright...won't you guide my sleigh tonight?  Hi everyone, it's Maureen with you today!  I wanted to share a fun project that you can paint with minimal supplies, and then use to decorate your home or Christmas tree this season.  I've created a reindeer using the Clear Scraps Small Square Shiplap Shape!


I've noticed a trend of square and circle shapes being transformed into other characters on Pinterest, and decided I wanted to give it a try.  I'm starting with painting the wood shape in a peach color on the base.  I've used acrylic paints for this project.


Next, I'm adding a ginger colored brown to the top, painting from the top in a V-shape.  I like to sand my wood in between and add a second coat.  If you're hanging this as an ornament, I recommend painting the back also.


Now I've chosen the Holly Chipboard Shape to become the antlers for my deer.  These are the perfect shape!  I simply cut the chipboard apart so that one leaf remains for each antler.  These are painted in a dark brown.  Save a red berry aside and paint it red.  This will become the nose.


Glue the antlers to the back of the square shape along with a ribbon if you'll be hanging your deer as an ornament.  You will also add the red nose to the front.  I'm using a tacky glue - any wood glue will do as well. Next, add a small sponged cheek on each side with some red Distress ink.


Down the v-shape of the nose, take the end of a paintbrush and dip it in white paint and then add several dots.  These will look like markings on the deer's head!  To draw the eyes, don't worry about a paint.  Use a permanent marker instead! You can also add a dot and small highlight to the nose as well.  A final touch is also to add some gold glitter too.


Once your project is relatively dry, feel free to spray it with a sealer if you'd like to make sure your project lasts year after year.  From there, I added an assortment of poinsettia and button embellishments to the top of the square.  This looks like the crown of my reindeer!


Where would you display this cute project?  I've hung mine on a tree, but a tiered tray or easel would also be a great place for this as well.  Are there other characters you could imagine for this project?  I know - maybe a unicorn!!

I hope you enjoyed this project today - see below for a list of supplies and thanks for joining me today!


Additional supplies:  acrylic paints in peach, brown, dark brown, white and red; permanent marker; tacky glue; ribbon; floral embellishments; gold Stickles glitter; red Distress ink and sponge



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