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“Clearly” Christmas Cards

Hey! It’s Tmika here on CHRISTMAS EVE with a cute quick little project share. Guess what?? You can use your scraps for this one!! Gotta love a project that is a two - for - one!! So let’s get started!!

Earlier this month , I created a cute little advent calendar. You can find more about that here, if you’d like. I accidentally left off the distressed strips that I made to go along with the project. So, hesitantly I set those aside to do something with the later. After all, I did take the time to distress all of the edges. 

I knew that today would be the perfect time to make something out of those strips. And that I did!!  Using the Acrylic Wave Slime Album, I decided to turn those strips into beautiful cards! 

I removed one piece and cut it in half to make two cards. I already used one of the pieces to make a beautiful home decor piece, have you seen that one? If not, you can find that post here.


I laid the strips out, did some stitching to add some classiness. I popped a sentiment on there and some flowers. At the bottom of the sentiments. I added an eyelet and a little charm to add movement.

50E5AB05-DF4A-4413-960B-FA74C4458125 CC5DD8A0-9BCD-4432-B94D-CC12552672BA

I pulled out some small flat gold pearls and a leaf spray metal die to add some pizzaz! And BOOM!! That’s it!!


See how quick that was? See how you can use your scraps to make something from nothing? But COOLEST of all who wouldn’t  want to get a Christmas card with the base being CLEAR? How unique is that?

679F5984-ACF4-45CB-86D7-D41A335F53BC  43327A63-30B7-42BD-98FE-E50A618D64B1
As I always say, try looking at things other that their intended purpose. You’ll bring out a lot of creativity that way!! Until next time… tootles and Virtual Hugs!!




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