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Buppa’s First Christmas

 Hey y’all, Tmika here with my last post for Clear Scraps. I’ve had a wonderful time creating with great products and an awesome time creating these posts! I do hope that you have gained inspiration from anything that I have posted. Enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get on with chatting about one of my most favorite people… My first grandson, Buppa!

When I saw this Circle Printer Tray Frame, I knew that I needed to capture his little photo shoot from his first Christmas and have it on display!


Let me walk you through the process of how all this came together. 
I started out by gathering items that I had collected from my local dollar tree. I wanted to use these as decorations on my shaker frame. I also went through my Christmas paper stash with the same color theme and pulled papers that I’d like to have on the frame. And of course I printed out pictures of my grandson.

I started out by adding a 12 x 12 sheet of black card stock to the back of my frame. I didn’t want to leave the backside blank as I wasn’t sure if I was going to hang it or add a stand. I attached this with double sided tape.
I set that aside and added double sided tape all around the perimeter of the frame. I took a 12 x 12 piece of pattern paper laid it on top,  gave it a great press before cutting out all the negative spaces.


I went over the edges with a nail file to smooth things out.

I grabbed the other papers and added them to the now empty negative  spaces. 

I used double sided tape to adhere everything to it. This is how everything came together.
I love how the different pattern papers accentuate the photo and add great details to the layout. I knew that I wanted to add one more Christmas elements to my frame. I went through my stash and saw the Mini Shaker Snow Globe and thought that this would be perfect.

I used some of the leftover paper from the frame negative and did the same thing to the top layer of this mini globe. I adhered it together with glossy accents.


Once I have the top layer covered I added the acetate sheet to it. I  sprinkled a little bit of coordinating sequin mix to the inside of the frame and glued the two pieces together with glossy accents.
 I also added a little bit of the glossy accents to the outer layer for some razzle dazzle. So now I’m gathering my bits and bobs to start layering the decor on top of my frame.
I started on the right hand side and placed my slow globe where I wanted it to be. Then I started layering each piece separately until I reached my desired effect. Here is the step-by-step process of all the pieces.
After I was done layering, I added the back piece that I covered in black card stock to the frame.
I decided to hang the frame using the already provided jute rope that was on the word joy at the top of the frame. I think it looks great! Later, if I decided… I could add a stand to the back and display it on the table. So it’s a win-win! Here are the finished pictures. 

I absolutely love how this came out! It is so chunky, just like I like it! Buppa’s First Christmas went off without a single hitch! hope you were inspired by some of the details on this layout to create a 3-D project of your own. This wraps up my time here at Clear Scraps and it also wraps up 2022! I hope you guys have a great New Year with lots of success, joy and happiness! 
Tootles, my crafty peeps! 

Tmika - Out! 🎤🎤


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