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Fall Wood Mason Jar


Tami here with a project I'd like to share with you.

I love creating Fall projects, the colors are so cozy and warm. I've always gravitated to warm colors in clothing, so I guess it's no surprise I'd enjoy crafting with them as well.

Bring on the rich oranges, mellow buttery yellows, woody browns, and sage and olive greens. This project has touches of all of those, take a look...


Napkin Art is all the rage and given all the fabulous things you can make using them - not to mention how EASY they are to use - it's probably here to stay.

In just a few quick steps you can cover a multitude of surfaces with a print and the technique works great on wood.

Most napkins have 2-3 layers, so separate them, you'll only need the top layer with the design.

Next, choose a thin liquid adhesive or decoupage medium to adhere the napkin to your surface. For this project, I used one of Clear Scraps Mason Jar Wood Shapes, they come in a pack of 3, so they are great to use for decor or gifting.

You need to be sure you use enough of your medium as it will soak into the wood. Some mediums dry quickly, so you may need to work fast! It helps to have all your supplies laid out and ready. While the medium is still wet, line up and adhere your napkin. Once you have placed it, go over the entire surface, smoothing it with your hand. I prefer to use my hands rather than a tool as the napkin is thin and can tear.

To get the napkin to almost become one with the wood without a top coat, I like to cover it with a piece of parchment and go over the surface with an iron. Be sure your iron isn't too hot, and do a spot test to be sure your medium can take the heat. 

Once the napkin is adhered, use a Sanding Stick to remove the excess paper from around the edges. You can add a gloss or matte top coat if you like.

To finish my jar off, I painted the Home Chipboard Word Title with cream paint and adhered it along the bottom.


I tied raffia in a bow around the neck of the jar and hung a tag with a recipe from the center of the bow.

Please come back soon to see what the other very talented design team members have to show you!


Clear Scraps: Sanding Stick, Mason Jar Wood Shapes and Home Chipboard Word Title

Other: Beacon Adhesives: Liquid Laminate, Fall Napkin, Cream and Sage Green Paint, Raffia, Ribbon, Manilla Tag and Recipe



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