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Pumpkin Pallet Scarecrow

I've always enjoyed having a scarecrow decoration somewhere in my home, but once the Southwestern sun gets to them, it's time to get a new one!  This project was a great addition to my Fall decor, and the good news is that it can stay indoors so it can last me season after season.


Hi, it's Maureen with you today!  I have a project you'll enjoy - a scarecrow sign that looks like you purchased it from a craft store, but that you can say you made yourself.  I'm starting with the Pumpkin Medium Pallet, and painting it in a peach color.  This is sanded down and I've added a second coat.


Next, I've sponged some cheeks on my scarecrow with a pink Distress ink and drawn on a mouth with a permanent marker.  Great tip to avoid a non-steady hand with a paintbrush.


His face is super easy to assemble!  Simply cut a triangle in an orange felt and apply to the face.  Take a small die cut circle and cut 2 small circles in black card stock, then apply an X in the middle with a white gel pen.  These become the "button eyes" but you could use buttons too.


I'm also painting the leaf from the Fall Wood Shapes in an apple red paint, sanding it and painting a second coat.  There is another layer of paint applied in the middle of the leaf in orange down the middles, and then again with a lighter peach color too.


For the hair, I'm grouping together several strands of raffia and bound them together with a rubber band.  This is glued to the top of the head. I found a fun burlap paper at a local craft store - for this, I've cut 2 shapes, one in a 2.5" by 9" strip and another in a 5.5" by 4.5".  This will become the hat for the scarecrow. 


Once the raffia is applied, I've added the hat at the top and the strip to the base of the head and used a couple foam strips to match the height of the hat.  I'm using tacky glue to apply these items and letting them dry thoroughly.  I've also trimmed the corners of the rectangle part of the hat.


Then, I found the cutest gingham wired ribbon, so I've tied a bow and glued the leaf to the middle.  This is applied to the hat, along with a cute mum flower sticker.

And now he's a cute guy sitting on my display table!  I've set this on an easel but you could add a ribbon hanger to the back also.  What should I name him?


I hope you enjoyed this project and feel encouraged to try your own.  Make sure you take a look at all the other Fall items that Clear Scraps has this month too!

Until next time,


Additional supplies used:  acrylic paints, tacky glue, black and white marker, Distress ink, wired ribbon, flower stickers, burlap paper, card stock (for eyes), orange felt (for nose)



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