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 Hello friends and welcome to fall.  Sandy Diller here today with a Thanksgiving Centerpiece that will adorn my dinner table.  I simply love all the colors of fall especially the pumpkins.  My pumpkins have some unusual patterns, but all the colors simply shout Fall!

For this centerpiece I used the Pumpkin Wooden Accordion Shaker Album.  As you can see, it is not an album.  These pumpkins are such a great shape and size I just had to use them in a new way.

I arranged the pumpkins with the open frame close to each end.  I painted them orange.

Next came some decoctive papers.  The paper was added using double sided adhesive tape but you could use glue if you wanted. I sanded all the edges smooth and then added some ink on all the edges.  I used a brown ink for everything. 

Before I covered the other side with paper, I made a connecting piece of acetate and glued the pumpkins together leaving a half inch between them so they can be moved about.   My centerpiece is double sided so both sides were covered, sanded and inked.


    I next cut and embossed 12 ovals and edged with the same ink.  I added the letters to spell out THANKS and glued to the ovals.
The ovals were added to the pumpkins and green steams were designed to add on top of each pumpkin.

I had these cute little chalkboard clips in my stash so used them to spell out the word Give and then clipped them to the leaves.

To make the pumpkins stand up I used the base pieces from of the Family Desktop Frame on each end.  Since they are connected to each other the center ones stood up nicely.

My table will look beautiful with this lovely addition.  Happy Holidays,


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