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Home Is Where the Heart Is

Hey!! It's Tmika here with a project share and step by step process tutorial. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but Fall is my favorite season!! Boy do I love the change in colors, the crisp wind, the football, the food..there is just so much to LOVE about Fall!! A lot of things that I love about fall, happens in my home. I can remember times when all of my children were at home, we would go out to the back yard and play tag football. We would have the fire pit lit, sometimes we made s'mores. We would mostly be too eager to eat them so the stove or microwave it went. lol!! Home was surround by love, games, joy, sorrow, hugs, kisses, food and everything in between. When I think of Fall, a time of reflection..I think of home. So, with that being said..Home is where the Heart is...

For this project I decided on the perfect birch wood to use. The House Shiplap Shape did the trick!


I used a Maggie Homes paper collection called Marigold. I chose two papers that would coordinate together when layered.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.36.06 AM

I traced the house shape on both sheets of paper. The top layer I trimmed down a little bit more so that the bottom layer can peek through.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.41.41 AM       Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.45.32 AM

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.38.42 AM

I laid the bottom layer down with Nuvo Wet glue.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.40.52 AM

Once adhered to the board, I distressed the edges with the tip of my scissors to give it more of a shabby look.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.51.21 AM

Next I added foam dots to the back of that smaller layer, distressed it as well and added that to the top of the base layer.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.53.40 AM Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.54.45 AM

I used some double sided tape to adhere my next couple of lace layers. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.59.48 AMScreen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.56.43 AMScreen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.03.10 AM

I added a beige lace layer first, then a beige crochet layer on top of that.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.05.29 AMScreen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.05.29 AM

I then added some paper leaves and paper flowers. I found these in my stash and they worked perfectly!

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.08.42 AMScreen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.08.42 AM

I added the green leaf spray and the brown flowers first, then added a pop dot to the larger pink one to make it stand out a bit more than the brown ones.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.08.07 AM Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.13.20 AM

Next up is to add some smaller leaves to the outside of the flowers. A tip for this is to just add hot glue to the edge and find a nice tuck spot to hide it :)

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.15.47 AM Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.17.45 AM

I used chipboard pieces from Prima's Amber Moon paper collection for accents and focus points.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.54.37 AM


I also added my circle centerpiece from the same collection,  to my project. I added foam pop dots to the back and placed it just to the right of the top. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.19.59 AMScreen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.19.59 AM

Finally, I added a small sentiment to tie everything all together. The perfect touch. Here are some cute shots of the final results.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.47.47 AMScreen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.47.47 AMScreen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.47.47 AM

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!! What do you think?? 
Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.59.04 AM


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