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Who's A Good Dog Clipboard Pallet Frame

I must confess.  I did indeed take my dog to see Santa.  HA HA HA!  It was so hard to resist - not only was it a fundraiser, but the picture ended up on our yearly Christmas card!  Do you have fun or playful photos like that on display at your house for your pets too?


Hi, it's Maureen with you here and I love the Clear Scraps products for this very reason - after looking for several frames to fit our Christmas card picture, I couldn't find one so I decided to make my own.  And the great thing about clipboard frames is that you can change the photos as often as you want!

So, to start making one of your own, you'll begin with the Medium Square Pallet Shape and base coat it with a white acrylic paint.  After the first coat, I always like to sand it down - sanding after painting gives you a smoother surface in the end.  Base coat it white again with a second coat.


Next, I've chosen the 5" by 9" Plaid Mixer Stencil because I had a vision that this might look a little like a ribbon on a present.  I tape it down in the corners and then blended in some red Distress ink across the surface.

Move the stencil vertically and do this again.  With this pattern, it's easy to find a line to line it up and continue the pattern across.


Next, I've stamped some small paw prints across the side and top.  I've also added a cute saying at the bottom in a black vinyl that was printed on my electronic cutting machine.


My corner is decorated with the Paw Mini Shaker, which is painted in black acrylic paint and I'm also using the Lovely Sequin Mix inside.  I did add a printed plaid paper to the bottom base before assembling my shaker.  There is a polka dot ribbon glued to the middle of the paw too.


The picture is held by a small metal clipboard piece that you can purchase at any local craft store.  Make sure to let this dry thoroughly so it doesn't come up when you add your picture. I recommend either tacky glue or hot glue for this piece.


Here is my picture frame, sitting in an easel!  I thought at first I'd make it a Christmas frame, but I actually left off some holiday embellishments in case I want to use a non-holiday picture later on.  These pallet shapes are so versatile, you could make any number of frames in minutes.

I hope you've enjoyed this project today!  My pup is INDEED a "good girl."  Make sure to check out all of the fun pallet shapes on the Clear Scraps site and I will see you next time!


Additional supplies:  acrylic paints, distress inks, patterned paper, mini clipboard embellishment, ribbon


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