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Snowman Shaker Scrapbook Layout

What does your holiday storage situation look like?  Do you keep all the pictures of Christmas around for memories?  Hi, it's Maureen with you today!  I have a confession - I've got a lot of holiday items in storage. 

That's why I started a project this Summer to take all of the Christmas pictures I had in frames and move them to an album.  I had so many tabletop frames to store and I thought it was just better to start clearing out some space!  So, this page is one of the layouts I've done to get pictures moved into a holiday scrapbook.


This picture is of my family at a place where we took a ride on the Polar Express up to the North Pole.  Our kids got to wear their pajamas, and we sang songs and drank hot cocoa.  It's a memory that I remember fondly, as Santa made his way on to the train and gave every child a sleigh bell.  


I worked in the colors and patterns that are on my son's pajamas into this page.  First up is the snowman - he's a fun addition to the page, isn't he?  I'm using the Snowman Mini Shaker along with the Winter Flake Sprinkles filler.  Great colors to work with!


When working with the shakers, don't forget to take off the protective film on the acrylic panels on both sides.  The snowman is card stock paper on the back panel in various colors, and for the face, I stamped it with a doll stamp I had and drew in a nose.  He's painted with a top coat of black and white and completed by a vibrant ribbon on top!


The Clear Scraps Mini Shakers are always a great way to fill white space on a layout, and I love how the snowman is gazing up at the picture!


I'm also using the Mitten Chipboard Embellishments on this page - a perfect shape for my 8.5" by 11" layout.  These are covered with a turquoise patterned paper, and the cuffs are a white card stock embossed with swirl patterns.  I laid it over the cuff and then trimmed off the excess.


The mittens look great as a backdrop for my page title - I've added a little glitter by using a black shimmery card stock in the font, and also a bit of embroidery floss to look like the yarn ties on the mittens.

I feel really accomplished getting this done and I'm so glad there are great items to choose from like these embellishment and shaker items.  I hope this inspires you to get a couple scrapbook projects done as well.  Have a great day and we will see you next time!



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