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Small Shiplap Milk Can Guest Sign


Tami here with you on the Clear Scraps Blog today with a project I'd like to share with you.

Clear Scraps has added some brand spanking new Shiplap Wood Shapes to their line; the pieces come in small or large.

I used one of the small sizes - the Milk Can - to create this hanging sign...


It seems like I'm always adding extra towels to the towel bar to "fill it up" for guests. I don't know why I feel like I NEED to use up ALL the space on the towel bar when I have guests over, maybe it was something my Mom did ;)

But looking at this cute little Milk Can shape, I decided maybe it would look cute hanging from the towel bar instead of an extra towel or two. It would also be nice to hang on the door of your guest room. 

I painted the wood white and while it was drying, I started fussy cutting flowers out of printed paper scraps. I also cut the sentiment from printed paper. I'm ashamed to admit it (well, not really) but I save those trash strips off printed paper. You know, the white strips with the company and paper names. Usually, there is a strip showing what paper is on the other side. Those little 1/2" strips make nifty little borders and trims. So I put a couple of them to use for this project as the band around the bottom and neck of the can.

I kept layering flowers until I was happy with how it looked. Since this piece will potentially have water coming towards it, I gave it a nice matte clear coat.

I glued the ribbons to tie it on the towel bar - or door knob - on the back. Make sure they are long enough to tie in a pretty bow.

I may reuse this idea for the holidays! I think it is a nice addition to my towel bar! LOL!

Clear Scraps: Shiplap Milk Can

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