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Baby Girl 3D Frameable


Tami here with you on the Clear Scraps Blog today.

Clear Scraps has added some NeW additions to one of their more popular lines - 3D Frameables. You can see all the new designs HERE, they are towards the bottom of the page.

Among the NeW designs is one perfect for YOUR new addition or as a gift for a new addition! It's the adorable Baby and Rocking Horse Word n' Shape Set that is used on this sweet baby girl frame...


I used the Deco Base and Frame with the new set.

I painted the frame and base with brown paint first, then when that dried added a layer of white. I used sandpaper to distress the paint and let some of the brown show through, especially to the edges.

I have also been experimenting with adding an "insert" for the frame so that I can add embellishments to the frame without actually attaching them. That way the theme of the frame can easily be changed out...


I cut a piece of heavy cardstock long enough to stick out of the top of the frame a bit. I added some printed papers to the cardstock, then added an embellishment to the top and my quote to the center.

For the Baby Wood Word, I painted it pink, distressed it with a file and some ink and then added stitching lines using a white pen...


I used two different printed papers on the rocking horse, then added some tiny flowers with silver cord to embellish it...


I wanted to add a few more flowers to accent the frame, but I wanted them to be removeable as well, so I adhered the flowers together and let them dry. Then used a bit of poster tac to add them to the frame...


There are so many great designs in the 3D Frameables line now. What a nice unique gift for someone special or special occasion to put together a frame and several theme sets!


Clear Scraps: 3D Frameables: Baby and Rocking Horse Word n' Shape Set  and Deco Base and Frame

Other: Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry, Printed Papers, Cardstock, Flowers, Mini Pearls, Silver Cording, White, Brown and Pink Paint and White Pen, 


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