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Let's Celebrate Pallet Board and Shakers

We are well on our way through this new year and the birthdays, holidays and celebrations are passing by.  Does it ever feel like you just put out decorations for one event, only to take them down right away?  Hi, it's Maureen today and I have a solution to share with you -  this adorable year-round sign.  It will allow you to switch out decorations for the next holiday or event you're celebrating in a snap!  Let's see how it's done.


I've started with the Square Medium DIY Pallet.  These are great for overall home decor and can be hung on a wall or propped up with an easel, or on a shelf.  I've base coated the pallet with an acrylic white paint, then sanded the first layer down for smoothness.


My second layer is another coat of white on the top and bottom panels, and a lime green coat in the middle.  I've done a second coat of this one as well.


Now, I was trying to decide what colors go with various holidays during the year and I decided on a bright red, sky blue and orange paint.  I figured those colors would suit most any event, and would look a bit like confetti!  I'm taking each color and dipping the end of a paint brush handle in to the paint, then adding a dot across the middle panel of the pallet.  I've gone back and done a second coat of each of these also, as well as add smaller white dots too.


While my pallet dried, I picked out a few mini shaker embellishments that I will need this Spring.  For this project I'll show you the Cupcake Mini Shaker and the Easter Egg Mini Shaker.  


I also did one for St. Patrick's Day a couple weeks ago too - with the Shamrock Mini Shaker.  You should check out all the new additions this Spring to choose from!  It was hard to pick just a few.


Both shakers start with painting the top panel in a festive color of your choice.  The base panel is traced onto a few patterned paper designs as well.  To assemble, I've glued on the several layers to the base panel, and then chosen from a selection of sequins and beads at home to fill the middles.  One of the sequin mixes I used was the Lovely Sequin mix for the Easter egg.

Next, glue on your acrylic plate - and make sure to remove the film before you do!  I used a tacky glue for this. I glued on my painted top panels and also added some floral embellishments and ribbon to the shakers..


I've also applied the words "Let's Celebrate" to the 2 white areas of my board with a vinyl lettering.  This font was from the Cricut Design Space but any font (or die cut letter) would work for this.  It's a fun way to instantly dress up a wood sign - follow your instructions for your electronic cutting machine, as necessary.


To get the mini shakers to adhere to the board, I've cut several strips of magnet sheets and glued them to the back of the shakers as well as the middle of my square pallet.  Make sure the magnets line up with each other before you glue.


You could create an entire year of celebrations and save yourself on decorating with this one board idea.  What other shakers would you choose for the Summer or Fall?  I'm really excited to keep creating new items for this board.  I hope you've enjoyed the project today!  Below is a list of a few items you'd want to have ready to create one yourself.  Thanks for celebrating with me today!


Additional supplies:  adhesive vinyl and cutting tool or machine, acrylic paints, magnet sheets, various embellishments, shaker bits and sequins, ribbon, tacky glue, red pom pom


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