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Bee Hive Shaker Basket

Hunting for baskets has always been a big part of our Easter celebrations.  Growing up, we always searched for our Easter baskets, and were so excited to see what they were filled with.  Have you ever thought about making your own baskets?  Hi, it's Maureen, and I have a simple basket idea for you, using a Clear Scraps chipboard mini shaker - and the fun part is that it is see-through!


I've chosen the adorable Mini Shaker Bee Hive for my basket because this would be great for Easter, Mother's Day or even a birthday!  I also think that this works well because it has a flatter bottom to stand upright.  My first steps were to paint the back panel black, and the front panel yellow.  I'm using acrylic paints for this.


Since my basket is open, I wanted a pretty pattern showing through the front panel, so I chose one of the mixer stencils, the Circle Grooves Stencil for this project.  I started with a white piece of card stock and sponged a first layer in a light yellow ink.  Next I went over the stencil with an orange ink, dusting only some edges of the circles on the stencil.


From here I traced a bee hive shape on to the patterned paper and cut it out.  I've attached it to the other side of the base piece, and this becomes the inside of the box.


The frame of the box is a 3" by 8.5" strip of black card stock.  I've scored the paper at .24" on each long side and 2.75" in on each short side.  Next, I've cut small triangles on the grooves on the long edge of the strip on both sides. This helps it fold up properly.


This strip is folded up in a U-shape, and forms the base of the box.  I use tacky glue to secure it to the patterned side of the bee hive.  Next, I take the clear acrylic piece, remove the protective film on both sides, and glue it to the front of this basket.  I'm using tacky glue, which dries clear.


It's time to attach the front yellow panel.  I also added a polka dot heart to this panel with some printed paper.  Instant cuteness!


To attach the handles, I've chosen a really cheery yellow ribbon.  Yellow is my favorite color, by the way!! This is stapled to both sides of the basket, and then I glued an additional bow over the staples so they would not be seen.


Your last step is to fill these cuties with candy!  Make sure it's a pretty color because these baskets will show all the fun goodies inside.  If your basket rocks a bit, you can trim one edge of the beehive in the back to make it flat.  These baskets are super sturdy - you can fill them with LOTS of fun!


Would you try this project this Spring?  What other shaker items could you make?  I really love the new Spring collection of mini shakers.  I hope you give it a peek - so much fun to be had!  Below is a list of other items you'll need for this.  Happy hunting - see you next time!


Additional supplies:  Distress inks, black and white card stock, yellow ribbon, polka dot paper, acrylic paints in yellow and black 


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