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Tami here on the Clear Scraps Blog with you today.

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Have your lunch or dinner plans made? How about your outfit for the day? Have you perused your wardrobe for the romantic colors of the holiday?

Well you are further along than me if you have! If you haven't; you better start checking things off your Dia del Armor to do list!

The weather here in San Antonio is a bit cooler than usual, so I was thinking I might need to add a jacket and scarf to my Valentine's Day dinner outfit.

And after I decided on those, that sent me looking through my vintage jewelry collection for a suitable scarf pin. But I didn't find anything that said "pick me!"

So I decided to make my own; and I started with Clear Scraps Mini Heart Shaker. Here's how it turned out, I thought it went well with the romantic lace trimmed scarf I had...


And here is how I made the scarf pin step by step...

I painted the solid back of the shaker with pale pink paint, and one of the outline hearts red. After the back dried, I adhered a doily over it.

I trimmed the excess doily from around the heart, then added a lace heart and satin puffed heart at the center. Next I stacked and adhered the other 2 outline layers of the shaker and filled the shaker with different sizes of clear rhinestones.

Once the shaker was filled, I adhered the acrylic heart* to the back of the red painted heart, and then adhered both to the shaker. I added a small cluster of pink paper roses and a sentiment at the upper right of the shaker to add a little more embellishment. *Be sure to remove the protective film from BOTH sides of Clear Scraps acrylic pieces.


All that was left was adding a pinback to the back of the shaker, or you could add a ribbon to use to tie the shaker to your scarf to protect the fabric from damage.

This shaker could also be used to make a card or to embellish a gift bag.

I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day!


Clear Scraps: Mini Heart Shaker

Other: Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry, Pink and Red Acrylic Paint, Doily, Lace Heart, Puffed Satin Heart, Clear Rhinestones, Pink Paper Roses, Sentiment and Pinback


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