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Turkey Magnet Place Setting

Hi Clear Scraps friends!  Do you set a formal table for your guests at Thanksgiving?  I really enjoy decorating my dining room for this festive dinner.  I thought it would be fun to create a project that I can put at each place setting that is both decorative and can be given as a gift.  I wanted this one to be a bit more casual and fun and I came up with a turkey face, made from the Mini Shaker Tall Bulb.  What makes it a gift is that it is also a magnet!


I started with a base coat of brown acrylic paint on the top layer of the shaker.  I like to give this a couple coats and I've painted the edges also.


Next, I took the bottom layer and traced it on to a piece of Thanksgiving patterned paper - it has the cutest sayings on it!  This is glued to the bottom layer.


For the inside shaker pieces, I've used the Fall Sequins which are a perfect combo color scheme!  From here, I glued on the other layers with a clear tacky glue and let dry.

It's time to make the face.  I love the wacky faces you can make from punches and die cuts!  This turkey comes together with 3 circles in varying sizes, and a die cut that is originally a candy corn.  For dimension, I usually like to dust the edges with some ink and a sponge.  Glue the die cuts to the front and add white detail to the eyes.  If you don't have a candy corn shape, a simple triangle will work also.


For the back, I've glued feathers in a circular pattern around the back.  Once dry, I've also added a thin strip of magnet tape - but I did use glue to make sure it stays in place!


To complete the look, I added a small piece of felt to his beak.  Is this called the "waddle?"  Hee hee! 


This project is finished and ready for the dining room place settings!  Or, you can hang it on the refrigerator for your own fun decor, or instead attach it to a gift if you prefer.  I hope you've enjoyed this idea - there are lots of shakers to choose from on the Clear Scraps site, so don't hesitate to check it out!

Thanks for visiting!


Additional supplies:  brown acrylic paint, assorted feathers, printed paper (Photo Play), magnet tape, tacky glue


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