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Hi!  Maureen here, getting ready to cheer on my alma mater this Fall in some football!  There is a special guy in our family who has a birthday this month, and he L-O-V-E-S his football.  I thought it would be nice to make him an interactive card to celebrate the start of the season AND his birthday!


This project requires very few supplies and comes together quite easily!  Perfect for those last minute events, right?  I'm starting with a white card stock sheet, cut at 4.25" by 5.5" and folded at the top.  Next, I've cut strips of green card stock at 4" in length by .75" wide.  These strips get placed evenly down the card base, starting from the top, leaving a little white in between.  Those become the yard lines!  Make sure to start at the top so if you are off on your spacing you can trim your card down later.


My next step is to use the Mini Helmet Shaker as a focal point.  The possibilities are endless for colors with this shaker!  I happen to know that his favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles, so I've done the colors in green, black and white.  I found a metallic green paper as a background which looks just like a helmet!


Now, to assemble the shaker I've traced my metallic paper with the bottom chipboard piece (this is the back side of the paper), then cut it out.  This I glued to the bottom piece.  Next, I layered the chipboard layers on, then sprinkled in some Wedding Sequins.  I applied the acrylic piece next, making sure to remove the protective film.  And my final piece is the top helmet layer, painted in black acrylic paint.  All pieces are glued with a clear tacky glue to eliminate smudges.


Across the helmet, I've used a clear tacky glue to apply a die cut message to the helmet.  I've also die cut numbers in a white card stock to apply to the bottom edges of my yard lines.  These numbers happen to be the age of the 'birthday boy' and I think all sorts of milestone ages would be great for this card.  I decided to add a stamped football at the bottom too, with an old stamp I had around.


What other ideas would you do with this fun Helmet Shaker?  I hope you had fun with this card project like I did!  Go team (until next time)!


Additional supplies:  black paint, green card stock, metallic green card stock, happy birthday die cut, number dies, black and white card stock, football stamp.


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