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Tami here on the blog today with a new project I'd like to share with you.

I have been trying to spruce up the house with a few little touches here and there and one of the projects on my list was more family photos.

I had been wanting to design something using one of Clear Scrap's Printer Trays and thought that would be a perfect way to display some of our photos.

I selected the Rectangle/Square Printers Tray as I liked the larger size openings at the opposite corners...


I was trying to decide what color to paint the frame as I wanted it to coordinate with the fresh paint on my walls and thought... let's use THAT paint!

I printed out some of my favorited photos on my phone - I decided to print them in black and white so the colors in the photos wouldn't clash.

I thought that adhering the photos directly to the back piece of the frame would be easiest.

So I placed one of the frame pieces over the back piece and drew around the inside of each opening...


Next I painted the top frame piece so it could be drying while I worked on the photos...


I also cut down and painted one of the new Deco Chipboard Borders to use as an accent piece...


I set those pieces aside to dry and started deciding on what photos to put where...


Once I had decided on which photos I wanted to use, I started measuring the openings and cropping the photos to fit - I cut them a bit larger than the opening so I'd be sure they would fill the space completely...


I wanted to incorporate some of my vintage ephemera in the project. One of the items I had selected was a Bingo card. I wanted to use it fill in the rectangular space at the top left of the frame as my photo was not large enough on it's own. I placed the photo and the card in the window and played with the placement until I was happy with it. I then traced lightly around the frame onto the bingo card so I'd know where to cut it...


I had decided to place "Create Memories" down in the bottom right rectangle. I had a Clear Scraps acrylic Expressions Clear Word Title to use for "Create" and I wanted to use alcohol inks to color it. I started on the backside and placed drops of 2 colors of red and a bit of brown, then let the inks dry...


I sometimes like to only ink the backside of acrylic so that the front stays nice and shiny. But I wanted to add some more ink effects without messing up what I'd already done, so I added a bit of alcohol ink to the front as well to layer on some texture...


I added papers, vintage book pages and a few other bits to complete the design. Keep in mind that anything you put in each opening shouldn't be any thicker than the 2 additional layers of chipboard frame pieces.

Once I had everything in place, I assembled the frame and glued it together. I like to use Zip Dry for this as any excess rubs off easily, but it holds very well...


Here are some closeups of the embellishments I added...

For the Bingo card, at first I was frustrated that only "Bing" would fit in the opening, not the whole word. But then I thought if I separated the "B" from the "ing", then I had "being"! I added a heart between the letters, then added an arrow pointing to "together" which was a cardstock piece I had. I also circled the "4" on the card as we are a family of 4.


I used scrapbook paper, a bit of a vintage doily, a heart cut from red felt, a straight pin and a family definition cut from an old dictionary to embellish one of the openings not filled by a photo...


For my title piece, I adhered some book pages to the back piece, then added the painted border and acrylic create word. For the "memories", I scanned, printed and cut out some vintage letters I had...


And all done! Now I just need to figure out where to hang it!

Thanks for joining us here on the Clear Scraps' Blog; please come back soon!


Clear Scraps:

Rectangle/Square Printers Tray

Deco Chipboard Borders

Expressions Create Clear Word Title

Other: Ranger: Alcohol Inks and Applicator, Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry, Paint, Book Pages, Dictionary Word, Vintage Letters, Red Felt, Vintage Doily, Straight Pin, Vintage Bingo Card, Red Pencil, Black Pen, Chipboard Arrow, Together Cardstock Word, Scrapbook Paper, Trim and Twine

Tools: Ruler, Pencil, Scissors and Trimmer


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