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Clear Scraps Mini Shaker Easter Egg--Egg Hunt LO

Hi there everyone!  Laura here today with a LO to get you ready for springtime and

those Easter egg hunts, or it could easily be tweaked for coloring eggs!!

Clear_Scraps_Egg Mini Shaker--Easter Hunt LO(1)

Just looking at the colors, bright, cheerful, fun, has got me thinking of Spring!

This LO started with the a blank white piece of cardstock.  I wanted to make a

unique border, so I chose the 6" Damask background stencil from Clear Scraps.

I used some distress ink layered in to get a different color, and also added in a few

smudges of ink to distress it up just a little--I wanted a softer look to the border.

After that I brushed some bright green acrylic paint around the edges of the

cardstock, and then set that aside to dry.  Next I grabbed that oh so adorable NEW

Mini Shaker Easter Egg from Clear Scraps!

Clear_Scraps_Egg Mini Shaker--Easter Hunt LO(2)

It was painted with white and green acrylic paint on the top layer.  Love the cute chevron/wavy

detail on this one!  While the top frame dried, the back solid layer was traced onto the pretty

flower pattern paper, cut out, and glued onto the solid chipboard piece, then I glued on the

 layering pieces, added some sequins, then sealed the sequins in with the acrylic layer. A little

tip/reminder, or if you are not familiar with the mini shakers, there is a special protective

film on BOTH SIDES of the acrylic piece that keeps it nice and scratch free.  Make sure

to peel off both pieces.  I generally peel the back off, glue it down, and then peel the top off

right before I glue on the top painted frame.  That way it stays nice and perfect--scratch free!

There are so many different Mini Shakers in the Clear Scraps store--you can find them HERE.


Thanks for stopping by today!


Supplies Used: 

Clear Scraps:  6" Damask Stencil, Mini Shaker Easter Egg

Other:  green and white acrylic paint, sequins,

Doodlebug Spring Things paper and embellishments.


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