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Clear Scraps Mini Shaker Mitten--I'm S-Mitten Valentine's Card

Hey there everyone!  Laura is here to share a little Valentine's inspiration with you today!

Clear_Scraps_Mitten Mini Shaker_I'm S-Mitten Valentine's Card(1)

I think out of all of the homemade cards, Valentine's can be one of the most special.

They are fun to embellish up any way you want to, because you will often give one to

that "someone special" in person on Valentine's Day.  This particular card was

created using one of the Clear Scraps Mini Shaker Mitten shapes.  Not necessarily

what you'd think of for Valentine's, but hey, I like to think outside the box!  Clear

Scraps has some lovely hearts and such if you'd prefer, but I saw the mitten and

the "S-Mitten" play on words just popped into my head.  Cute, right??!!

To start this one off I first painted the top outline/layer of the mitten with pink,

red, and white acrylic paint.  While that dried, I traced the back portion of the

mitten shaker onto a pretty piece of Valentine heart patterned paper.

Clear_Scraps_Mitten Mini Shaker_I'm S-Mitten Valentine's Card close up 1(1)

Next, I cut the shape out and then glued it to the back solid piece of the shaker.

Then I glued the other 2 unpainted outline shape pieces, to build up the shaker.

Next I added the super cute Valentine sprinkles.  These are NEW from Clear Scraps!

Clear_Scraps_Mitten Mini Shaker_I'm S-Mitten Valentine's Card(2)

This particular mix is called the Sprinkles Love Mix.  Look at the cute little hearts

and snowflakes and yes, sprinkles!  Just adorable!  You can find these and more

 in the "What's New" section in the Clear Scraps store right HERE.   After adding

those sprinkles, I glued on the acrylic layer--and remember--make sure to take

the protective film off of BOTH sides of your acrylic layer!!!  It's hard to tell, but it's

on there to keep it protected until you use it!  Lastly, you glue on the painted top piece.

While it all dries well, I created the standard A2 white card base (5&1/2"x4&1/4") and

added red and patterned paper.  I added some twine, trim and enamel dots to finish it up.


Thanks for Stopping by today!  Stop back soon for more inspiration!!


Supplies Used:

Clear Scraps:  Mini Shaker Mitten, Sprinkles Love Mix.

Other:  Doodlebug Cream and Sugar paper and Odds & Ends, enamel dots,

acrylic paint--white, pink, red, twine, red cardstock, foam tape.


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