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Tami here on the blog to share a project with you.

Have you seen Clear Scraps new Gnomes? They are popping up EVERYWHERE! The designs are fun and the ways and themes to embellish them are limitless. 

I just had to have one to add to my holiday decor. I pulled out a bunch of Clear Scraps embellies along with Christmas papers, bits and trims and got to work. I enjoyed trying out different papers and designs; selecting just the right combos.

Here's how my Christmas Gnome turned out...


Can you spot all the different Clear Scraps embellies that I used? There are quite a few of them on my not so little Gnome.

Here's what I used: XL Wood Gnome #1, Believe XL Script Wood WordNordic Snowflake Chipboard Embellishments and Holly Chipboard Embellishments. Did you find them all?

Now that you know what Clear Scraps products I used; let me show you how I made it.

I started by tracing the hat piece on printed paper. Remember to check the direction you want the hat to point and make sure you are drawing on the correct side of you paper. I like to trace on the back, so I flipped the hat piece opposite of where I wanted it to point...


When you cut out the traced piece, cut about 1/4" outside the lines. I find you get a much more exact and crisper edge if you file off the excess paper rather than trying to cut exactly on the lines...


Then adhere the hat piece you cut out to the wood hat piece. I like to use Zip Dry for this because while it adheres very well when dry, you get a few minutes to pull it up and reposition or kinda push it in place. It's also easy to remove any excess glue that may ooze out; you can just rub it off when it dries. Make sure you apply the glue INSIDE the lines though...


Use a file to remove the excess paper from around the hat. Almost any file will do. I like the heavier weight files from the beauty supply store. Hold your file at about a 45 degree angle and pull down. Keep working at it and you'll begin to see the paper thin at the edge of the wood. A few more pulls will separate it and you'll have a nice, clean, exact edge...


For the pants, you'll want the bottom edge of your paper to be even with the space at the bottom center of the gnome, then to measure how tall the piece needs to be, put the beard piece in place, turn over and mark a little above where the beard piece meets the side of the gnome on the backside of your paper...

Clear_scraps_xl_wood_gnome_christmas_decor_elf_4 and5

Cut out, adhere and file the pants portion as you did before. Then use a strong glue like Beacon's 3-in-1 Glue to adhere the printed paper wood hat onto the back piece of the gnome, making sure both hats are lined up exactly...

Clear_scraps_xl_wood_gnome_christmas_decor_elf_7and10Next using the same methods as above, trace, cut out, adhere papers and file the following pieces: both bases (different printed papers), the hands and nose (both from pink cardstock) and the beard (white glitter cardstock). You will also need to cut slots in the paper to match the slots on both pieces of the base, a craft knife makes it quick and easy...

Clear_scraps_xl_wood_gnome_christmas_decor_elf_8 and 12

I wanted to give my gnome a mustache and some bangs. For the bangs, I traced around the top portion of each side of the the beard, then cut a piece about 2" long and cut slits in it about 1/8" and inch apart. For the mustache I traced around the bottom half of the nose, then cut it out about 1" longer around the bottom rounded edge and then cut slits in it up to the line. The bangs were adhered to either side of the beard, then the mustache was adhered to the back of the nose, then the nose was adhered to the center top of the beard. The beard piece was glued to the back piece, lining up exactly with the bottom of the hat. I crinkled up the bangs and mustache to give them some dimension. One thing to note, be SURE to TEST your choice of adhesive on the glitter paper you use. Some liquid adhesives react to the glitter papers and will leave dark lines on the front side of your paper. I had to use a tape runner to adhere my glitter papers...


A pine branch was adhered along the base of the hat as trim...


All that was left was to mix paint to match the colors in my project and and paint the wood word "believe" and the large chipboard snowflake in blue and the holly chipboard with red and green. While the paint was still wet, I added glitter to the "believe" wood word, the chipboard snowflake and the berries on the holly. The heavy bodied paint I used gives you a bit of dry time and holds the glitter well. For extra protection, I did give the pieces 2 coats of a matte sealer...

Clear_scraps_xl_wood_gnome_christmas_decor_elf_14-15-16Refer to the picture of the finished project for the placement of the "believe" wood word, chipboard snowflake and holly and the hands.

I'll be posting a "surprise" project related to this one; that will be coming up in January. So keep an eye out! If you want to make the January project a little easier to do, trace the hat, beard, nose and hands on scrap paper.

Have a very happy holiday season; we all deserve it after such a challenging year!


Clear Scraps: XL Wood Gnome #1, Believe XL Script Wood WordNordic Snowflake Chipboard Embellishments and Holly Chipboard Embellishments

Other: Basic Grey Printed Papers, Core Couture White Glitter Cardstock, TCW Heavy Body Acrylic Paint: Spun Sugar, Blue Jellybean and Kale Smoothie, Brown Acrylic Paint, Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry and 3-in-1 Glue, Mod Podge Matte Sealer, Vintage: Chunky Glitter, Wire Pine Branch, Pink Cardstock and Tape Runner

Tools: Scissors, Pencil and File


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