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Good Morning all my crafty friends. Dora here, with another step by step tutorial on making a simple 3D card for someone in your life. You do not have to use what I am using, but you can follow along with this post to create your very own. I am using more of the female aspects here and stepping out of my comfort zone. I normally am more deep darker colors, but today I am using more lighter and pink colors. I have created this using the brick wall stencil. I wanted to keep this as easy as possible for any new beginners, trying to get their footing on how to do mixed media/3D art. Below is a close-up of the finished piece. 


For this card - I am using watercolor paper backed onto both - heavy printed cardstock and cardboard from a box I cut down to fit. The first thing I do is apply some clear gesso to the water color paper, then use the stencil to create a textured background. 


Once those are dry, I start adding some embossing powders. These are mixed powders for mixed media, one is black and silver, the other is pink and black. I used an embossing pen to go around some of the brick squares, then I used some stamps to create wording, and finally I just dabbed the embossing pad in random places to create what looks like the wall crumbling.


Now I get to bring out all the elements I am using and this time I have kept it simple. I am using just paper elements and a few flowers/leaves. 


I begin to arrange them where I would like them by taking my focal point (a ladies head/face) and using it as a guide. Then placing the other elements around her to fit her profile. I really believe it came out better than I thought it would and I also think I may start using more of these lighter colors in my work as well! 

*Tip - if you are wanting to make something pop off the page, use some foam tape or cardboard from a box to place under the pieces, so they are elevated!


Thank you so very much for joining me this morning and I hope that you had as much fun as I did creating something beautiful for that special person in your life. I am always inspired by these amazing ladies in our team, so I am too learning new things as I go along with all of you! I hope you have a very blessed day! Below are some close-ups of the finished piece and Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website!




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