Clear Scraps Heart DIY Medium Pallet--Perfect Family Day
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Hi Ya'll,

Tami with you here on the blog today, and it's just a few days before Thanksgiving. A time where hopefully we are all feeling GTB - Grateful, Thankful and Blessed.

Clear Scraps has an XL Wood Quote with just that sentiment on it. It fits perfectly on the Medium Pumpkin DIY Pallet Shape. I thought it would make a nice display on my Thanksgiving buffet table. 

I had just bought some Scribble Sticks and was in the mood for coloring, so I decided to try them out on the wood. They worked great on the Clear Scraps wood products; the effect resembled hand coloring...


I started by rubbing an orange stick diagonally in one direction on the pallet, then I went the other way to create a cross-hatch pattern...


I added in a little yellow to add some color variation...


*note: I decided the wood piece that holds the pallet together needed to be colored orange so it wouldn't stand out. To do that, scribble with orange on scrap paper, then swirl a wet paintbrush in it. Then paint in the wood piece between pallet pieces...


Add some shading around the edges with grey...


I filled in the stem the same way with green and shaded with grey...


I used a barely damp sponge to gently blend the colors. This wakes them up a bit and makes them brighter...


I did the same thing on the XL Wood Quote, using blue and aqua on Grateful, grey, aqua and green on Thankful and green and yellow on Blessed. I also added a little shading around them with the grey. They also got the sponge treatment...


Then just glue on the XL Wood Quote and it's all ready to display!




Clear Scraps: Medium Pumpkin DIY Pallet Shape and Grateful, Thankful, Blessed XL Wood Quote

Other: Ranger: Dina Wakely Media Scribble Sticks and Beacon Adhesives: 3-in-1 Glue

Tools: Sponge


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