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Clear Scraps House Pallet--Hello Fall Home Decor

Fall Harvest Wood Puzzle Home Decor


Tami here on the Clear Scraps Blog with a Fall project to show you. The air is FINALLY a bit cooler here in Texas and it's starting to feel like Fall. 

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year (and not just because it means the end of 100 degree days). The colors are all warm and fuzzy and make you want to break out the cinnamon apple or pumpkin spice candles and toss a cozy throw on the couch.

It also makes me want to grab some Autumn themed supplies and create something.

I'd been wanting to make something using the 4 Piece Square Wood Puzzle, and the papers I found looked like they would work perfectly on it.

I'd also found a sweet Fall Harvest quote online to use on the project as well...


Here are the steps for this project; it's easy to make...

Put together the puzzle and orient it how you like it - the pieces are not identical. Then label them as to their position - like "upper left", and also note the direction of the piece with an up arrow, or note "top' at upper edge of piece. I find it easiest to write on the front, you'll be covering it up. You can also note which paper you want to use on each piece. All this info will help ensure that you apply the papers on the correct side, in the correct direction and most importantly - on the correct piece! Then measure each piece and cut a piece of printed paper 1" larger  for each puzzle piece...


Adhere the papers to each puzzle piece. It's always best to put the glue on the smallest piece - in this case, the puzzle piece, this keeps you from having excess glue to deal with.


Trim off excess paper from around each puzzle piece...


Use a file to remove the rest of the excess paper from around the edges. Hold the file at a 45 degree angle, and pull downward, repeat until you see the edge of the wood showing. This method gives you a nice sharp perfectly fitting paper for your project. This technique also work on chipboard...


Write or stamp the quote, one phrase per piece, on 3" square pieces of printed paper. Mat them on 3 1/4" of contrasting printed paper...


Adhere them to the centers of the upper left, upper right and bottom left puzzle pieces, adding sticker embellishments...


Create a "scene" with stickers on the lower right puzzle piece. Or you could add a photo there instead...


If you want to connect the pieces, you could glue a piece of chipboard - cut a bit smaller than the puzzle - on the back. But since I pack and store my seasonal decor, I find it easier to leave the pieces separate. They will connect and sit on a display. You could also use the chipboard for the puzzle to "lean" on instead of adhering it.

Thank you for visiting the Clear Scraps Blog; please come back and see what other goodies the design team has to share with you!


Clear Scraps: 4 Piece Square Wood Puzzle

Other: Reminisce: Printed Papers and Stickers, Sharpie: Fine and Ultra Fine Brown Markers and Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry

Tools: Pencil, Trimmer and File


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