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Good morning all my crafty friends, this is Dora, bring you something I created for my mom. She loves Mickey and she also love Autumn. I tried to do something that was different and unique. Taking out the traditional Mickey style and replacing with something seasonal. In this project I have used the Mickey Printer Tray that you can fin HERE! The mini Owl Shaker that you can find HERE! Plus, the Tree Branches stencil HERE! Hope you enjoy reading and learning another way to use something traditional in a non-traditional way! 

Mickey Autumn

The first thing I did was take the Mickey backing piece (the solid one), place it on the paper I wanted to use for the background, and traced around it. I cut out the piece I wanted to use and glued it to the back piece. As you can see from the images below, how the background comes through the "windows" of the frame pieces.

IMG_20200908_095127 IMG_20200908_100145

Next - I took the Tree Branch stencil and did something to ensure that I only placed it where the “windows” would be. Now, here is an easy way to accomplish that. Place stencil on the back solid piece, then lay the open top piece over the stencil to for a sandwich for the stencil, and then apply the paste you would like to use only in the “window sections. This way when you glue the top layers on, you are not getting uneven spots from the paste. Once all of that was finished I glued two of the three layers to the background piece.

IMG_20200908_101013 IMG_20200908_103456 

Next – I took the last top layer and chose two background papers for the ears and the bottom half circle, traced out the size needed, cut them out, and glued them on the back of the piece. once that was dry, I glued the whole top layer to the other two layers. 


Once that was done, I grabbed out the owl shaker and began the process of coloring it gold and bronze. Along with the letters that spell “Jackie” for my mom, with rust paste – red/orange.


Once I had them colored, I placed googly eyes on the owl, some sequins – micro beads – and two leaves, into the shaker area of the owl.


Now we get to do the fun part of gluing the owl all the way together, including the acrylic (remember to take the film off both sides), Gathering the elements to use for decoration, and making sure everything fits nicely. as you can see here I have binder clips in place to ensure a solid hold all the way around. 


When everything is dried on the owl, take the clips off, place glue only where you want him/her to sit, and glue to the top layer of the Micky frame. I have added some little mini beads all over, a few berries and leaves behind his head. Then a small yellow flower beside him.


Thank you so very much for stopping in to read and learn how to put this Mickey Printer Tray together in an autumn fashion. Be sure to check out ClearScraps and all their new goodies on the website! I just love all their pieces, because they fit so well with the mixed media I love doing!  I just love stepping out of the box and making things unique. Thank you for reading and hope you have a lovely day!! 

Here are some close ups -

IMG_20200908_120152 IMG_20200908_120200 IMG_20200908_120156 IMG_20200908_120203 Mickey Autumn







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