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Fall Colors? Wood Phone Stand


Tami here with you today on the Clear Scraps Blog.

I love the traditional fall colors as much as anyone, but sometimes, you want to try something a little different. So I went searching for some non-tradtional fall colors. I ran across a type of ash tree that had leaves that were a mix of lavender, sage green and touches of light orange and yellow. I thought those colors would look great together on a project, and having just got a new phone and phone case, it was time to make a new phone stand! And my case just happened to look fabulous with those colors.

I picked Clear Scraps' Scallop Wood Phone Stand to embellish; I like the dainty scallop border. The shape of the leaves on the Ash Tree looked similar to those on the 6" Tree Branch Stencil, so I thought it would be perfect design to use to.

I picked out some pigment inks in the colors I had chosen, then pulled out some Iridescent Embossing Powder too.

To start, I gave both parts of the stand a nice even coverage of the blue ink...


Then I heat set the ink. I wanted to create a "shadow" of white ink for the stenciled design, so I didn't want the blue ink to blend into the white when I applied it.

Use painters tape or masking tape to hold your stencil to the wood and your work surface...


Here's how the white "shadow" stenciled design looked; it was heat set too so it wouldn't blend with the colors I would be adding next...

Clear_scraps_wood_phone_stand_fall_bling_stencil_white done

Next, I repositioned the stencil slightly down and to the right of it's previous placement. Then I used lavender, sage green and pale orange to fill in the leaves; blending several colors on each leaf. Then I used a light brown for the branches.  Then I sprinkled embossing powder over both pieces. *Note: I added a few leaves to the front of the stand.


After heat embossing the ink colors brighten a bit...


Another thing to note is that pigment ink is a SLOW drying ink! I heat set enough to keep the colors from blending, but the embossing powder was going to stick to the inked background and white "shadow" too, although not as heavily as it did to the "wet" leaves. I wanted my phone stand to have an all over shimmer, but if you prefer for only the leaves to "shine", you should heat set after adding the white and let it sit overnight - depending on your ink. Test a bit before you shake the embossing powder over it.

You can always test on the backside of the stand portion to see how fast your pigment inks dry so you can achieve the look you want.

As I'm writing this, I can't help but notice that our new Clear Scraps watermark matches my project! Guess I should have stayed "closer" to home to find some inspiration! I feel like Dorothy ;)


Clear Scraps: Scallop Wood Phone Stand and 6" Tree Branch Stencil

Other: ColorBox: Shabby Chic Petal Point and White Pigment Inks, Stylus & Tips and Opalescent Clear Embossing Powder

Tools: Heat Gun and Blue Painters Tape


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