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Mother's Day Gift Idea For Grandmother


Hello everyone... Helen is here today. Mother's Day is this coming Sunday. And I would like to share a Mother's Day gift idea for Grandmother using the Grandkids Desktop Frame. But, this gift idea is not only for this Mother's Day, it can be a special gift also on Grandparents' Day. I believe every grandparents would love to have a special display showing off their grandkids in their house. This home decor is simple and quick.


Using pencil, I started with tracing the wood word and heart frame on two different patterns of scrapbook papers. After tracing, I fussy cut them with scissors.

I added each of the paper on each wood with 3-in-1 Beacon adhesive glue. I rubbed the surface firmly with my finger to remove the bubbles and to make sure the paper attached well on the wood.

I printed my daughters’ picture on a 4x6 photo paper with my inkjet printer. Then, I trace the heart frame on the photo and fussy cut it with scissors again. I added the picture on the heart shape on the wood word with 3-in-1 Beacon adhesive glue. Then, I added the heart frame on it with the same glue. I held them down with couple acrylic stamping block until the glue dry.

While waiting for the glue to dry, I worked on the bottom stand pieces. This time I painted them with acrylic paints.

First layer, I painted the two oval pieces with lime green. I let them dried. It was a thin layer so it dried quickly. After that, I painted them again with white acrylic paint. But this time, before the paint dried, I wiped it off with baby wipe. This way gave a very thin layer over the lime green and it ended up look like a light sea green color.

I painted around the edges using white paint and let them all dried well. Once they were dry, I stacked them together with wood glue and added couple heavy books on it to hold them down until the glue dried. Then, I just put the wood word on the base all together. And it is done.

I hope this give you a creative idea. You can find many supplies to make home decor yourself at Clear Scraps Store and you will find many inspirations at this blog everyday! Thank you so much for stopping by and have wonderful day!


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