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DIY Wood Bunny Welcome Sign

Hello everyone... Winter is almost gone and that means Spring is on its way! It is one of my favorite seasons. I am looking forward to see days that fill with colors of the new leaves and flowers.


My project today is inspired by Spring bunny. I made this Wood Bunny Welcome Sign using the new XL Wood Bunny and the Welcome XL Script Wood Word. It is a fun project to make and you can have a new home decor for this Spring!


I applied 2 coats of white chalk acrylic paint with foam brush all over the XL Wood Bunny. I also painted the edge of the wood. I let the paint dried in between the coats.


After the white paint dried, I added the grey paint randomly on the bunny and I added some the edge.


When the grey paint was about half way dry, I used baby wipes to kindda smudge the grey paint to give the distress and stained look on the bunny. I set it aside to dry completely.


I painted the XL Welcome Script Wood Word with the same grey acrylic paint and foam brush. I coated the wood word twice with the paint. I let it dried completely.


I used wood glue to add the painted wood word on the bunny. I held it own with couple thick books until the glue dried. For outdoor use, you can spray a coat of Clear Sealer Spray and then let it dry completely before you decorate it with ribbons or other decoration.

I decorated the bunny with some pink glitter tule and purple glitter tulle. I wrapped them around the bunny's neck and tied up a bow. And it's done.

You can use this XL Wood Sign as front door sign by adding strong twine or ribbon on the back of the wood with strong glue or stapler.

Clear Scraps Store has many amazing wood shapes for your home decor projects! Thank you so much for stopping by today. Have wonderful day!


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