Acrylic Clipboard and script word by Clear Scraps!
Flower DIY Pallet Shape

This Is Us Scrapbook Layout with Christine

Sometimes the way you can use our products is totally obvious, but sometimes us designers use them in less noticeable ways.  Today's layout is one of those creations!  It would've been impossible to complete without Clear Scraps products - but that is probably not obvious to everyone looking at it!  Christine joining you today with a traditional scrapbook layout with amazing details made possible thanks to Clear Scraps!


What do you think, have you figured out where Clear Scraps came in?  


First up, I used it for my title! I used the new "This is Us" Farmhouse Stencil to trace and then handstitch my title.  There were multiple steps that I took in creating this background, if you're intrigued you definitely want to catch the video!  I'll be sharing that shortly!


The second area I used Clear Scraps for was my floral frame.  Notice the acrylic flowers that are tucked in with the cardstock flowers. I love the subtle texture that these added.  They come in a package of four and for my design they were a little too big.  So to make them stretch and make them smaller, I cut them in half.  It was super easy to do with just regular scissors and at that size they were the perfect touch!

As promised I do have a video for you!  Here it is!

Thanks so much for joining me today - I hope you've been inspired to think outside of the box with the new Farmhouse Stencils!





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