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Hey Everyone!  Nancy here today to share with you a project I made using one of the clear acrylic craft sheets from Clear Scraps.  I love having these craft sheets in my stash as they are so fun to play with.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have been bitten hard by the planner bug, and with that the latest craze of washi dashboards.  I have made a fair number of these in the past, but I was missing the luminosity and transparency of the washi tape when I placed it on cardstock.  Well, craft sheet to the rescue.

Washi_dashboard_clearscraps_nancy keslin_trim

Since I use a traveler's notebook I began by cutting two pieces of acrylic to size in order to create both a front and back.  If you are in a ring bound, spiral bound, disk, etc, you would only need one piece.

Washi_dashboard_clearscraps_nancy keslin_trim

Then, working on a self healing craft mat I laid out my pattern onto the acrylic.  I like to work on a self healing mat so I can use my craft knife to remove the excess.  Helpful hints:  1.  Start in the middle and work your way out.  2.  Use smaller washi at the ends so that you don't have as much trimming.  Much easier to trim a 5mm or 10mm piece than a 15mm or 20mm.

Washi_dashboard_clearscraps_nancy keslin_trim

After trimming both pieces I simply used a piece of packing tape to create my dashboard, needless to say, the acrylic doesn't fold well, and you need to attach the pieces so they can wrap around your insert.  If you are using a different style of planner you would simply punch the appropriate holes.

Washi_dashboard_clearscraps_nancy keslin_trim

On the inside, while you can see the washi, it doesn't have that beautiful foiling so I added a sticker pocket and journaling card.

Washi_dashboard_clearscraps_nancy keslin_trim

I really love the way this dashboard turned out and I would love to see yours.

Washi_dashboard_clearscraps_nancy keslin_trim
Thanks for dropping by.

Nancy Keslin


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