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Half Fancy Send it Clear Card

Happy Tuesday friends. Today I'm sharing this sweet Half Fancy Send it Clear card. I also have a tutorial in a  PDF file you can download and save to use as a reference later.  Download JUN2018_LeahCrowe


I'm made this non-traditional wedding card for some friends who are getting married soon.


We'll include a letter and a gift on the inside. The cool part about these cards is that there is also a clear envelope included in which to send the card in.

To start, I pulled the protective film from the
front of the middle panel, and the back of the front panels. Before any paper is added, its best to adhere the panels together with included adhesive circle tape.


A trick is to fold the paper halfway down to reveal the glue without touching it, then carefully adhere it between the two meeting panels. Do this between all the panels to adhere them together.

LRC_FancyHowto  LRC_FancyHowto

Attach a cute sentiment pattern to the middle panel.


Grab your chipboard sentiment and paint it with your favorite chalk paint. While this dries, finish up decorating your acrylic card.

LRC_FancyHowto6  LRC_FancyHowto6

(Remove protective film from the front sides of the top panels) Since I’m using the PhotoplayPaprika collection, I select a couple of stickers to add to the bottom front panel of the card. On the top scallop panel, trim a piece of paper to 1 3⁄4 x 5 1⁄2 “and adhere on the backside of the panel so it shows through to the top. Then adhere a piece of ribbon along the front of the scallop.

LRC_FancyHowto8 LRC_FancyHowto8

Adhere the Blessed chipboard to the front of the card and add any other embellishments you wish to add.


Leah Crowe, Clear Scraps Design Team


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