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Hi everyone!  Welcome to the Clear Scraps blog.  Nancy here today to share with you my tag for September.  I did a super fun new (to me) technique to create a marble affect.

Tag_clearscraps_nancy keslin_marble

To do the marbling for this project you will need the following

  • Bucket of water
  • Variety of spray paint colors
  • Stick

Marble_supplies_tag_clear scraps

Step 1:  Fill pail with water.  Make sure that the pail you are using is big enough that you can fully submerge the item you wish to marble.  The paint will stain your pail, so a liner is a good idea.  (note, you can see previous projects in the bottom of my pail?)

Pail_clear scraps_tag

Step 2:  Spray paint, one color at a time, onto the water's surface.  I have found spray paint works the best for this technique, but you can also use nail polish...acrylic paints do not work, promise.  Use stick to swirl paints together.

Paints_clearscraps_pail_nancy keslin

Step 3:  Remove protective film from one side of the tag, leaving other side covered.  Insert tag into the pail at a slight angle, unprotected side up.

Marble_tag_nancy keslin

The paint dries fairly quickly as there is just a slight film of paint on top of the water to begin.  From there, embellish the tag as desired.  I used bits and pieces of paper tags from an old Prima Marketing collection along with a Julie Nutting stamp.

Tag_nancy keslin



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