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Clear Scraps Loves Faber Castell!

Clear Scraps and Faber Castell, teaming up together~

Hi, Connie here with some muslin bags to hold my Gelatos in, from Faber Castell. I created them using stencils from Clear Scraps and Faber Castell products.  They were a ton of fun to make and I love that the  Gelato sets are all together in a cute, mixed media type bag.  Let me show you~

Faber Castell_Clear Scraps_Connie Mercer

I have prepared a tutorial to share with you how they were created~

The muslin bags are 5" X 7" with a draw string.  I put a piece of cardboard inside the bags so the color would not bleed through.


Using a Clear Scraps stencil and Whipped Spackle by Faber Castell, add texture to the front of both muslin bags.  Use the back of a palate knife and apply the Whipped Spackle to the cutout spaces on the stencil.  Spread, pulling towards you.  You don't want the stencil to lift up.  Let dry.


Using Gelatos, color over raised area.  Mist with water, let it set a minute~then use a paint brush to move the color around.  The blue and green bag is showing the color added before the water was applied.  The image above, the water has been applied and moved around with a paint brush.  Let it dry.  Doesn't take long at all for the bags to dry.


To add color to the background, slice a piece of Gelato off and place it in a mister.  Add water and let it set a minute so the Gelato can dissolve.  Shake it up and you are ready to apply the color to the background.  I used two different colors of Gelatos this way.  Let dry.


This is the fun part!  Using Clear Scraps 6" stencils start adding images to the front of the muslin bags.  Let them overlap.  Use Gelatos for color.  I also used acrylic paint.  You can also stencil with ink.  Just mix it up.  If you like add more color to the background.


The last thing is adding a "word".  I love doing that!  I stenciled the word on using Clear Scraps stencils.  Ink or acrylic paint (black) will both work.  I highlighted the words with white acrylic paint.  I speckled the fronts, of the muslin bags, with white acrylic paint and then sewed the button on.

Here is a couple more pictures of the muslin bags, that now hold the Gelatos, and fit perfect in my mixed media cart.

Clear Scraps_Faber Castell_Whipped Scpackle_Connie Mercer

Faber Castell_Clear Scraps_gelatos_Connie Mercer

Clear Scraps products used:

6" stencils: Humming Bird, Chevron, Quaterfoil, Spiral, Spiral Dots, Polka Dots, Imagine, Circles, Daises and Wishes.

Faber Castell products used: Whipped Spackle, Pastel Gelatos, Primary Colors/Gelatos, PITT Artist pen/Black Bold.

other:  acrylic paint, distress mists

Thanks for stopping by ~

Connie Mercer/DT Member


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