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Hey there Clear Scraps friends, it's Pinky today and I am not here with your usual Clear Scraps Designer post, today I am here to share a project that I helped my son with and a story about my son using Clear Scraps. 

This is my son Justice, he is an incredible student with a straight A all AP high school bound academic history. He loves learning and wants to be a Veterinarian. He reads a minimum of one book a day!

Justice1 copy

Ok enough bragging right? My son was asked to do a 3D school project on a book he read So he decided on The Enemy by Charlie Higson which had Buckingham Palace in it with a fence and pond and garden. 

Justice4 copy

For the pond which he wanted to be 2D/3D I decided to use a Clear Scraps 12X12 Acrylic Sheet cut into a pond shape so it would look like actual water. Now the first time we applied it, I used a Glass Effects pen in light blue, know I would add a darker blue over. 

We created little water crests and set it out overnight to dry. 

Justice5 copy

However when we woke up, we discovered his brother decided to run his finger all over so it became a swirly pond! haha

Justice6 copy

No everything was not to exact scale but he did receive 100% plus another 5 point bump for creativity. We used a 3D puzzle of Buckingham palace that he pieced. 

It's amazing to see you children grow and to be able to use your craft supplies to help them. OFTEN my boys come to me and say "Mom what do you have in your craft room for this"? haha

I hope you enjoyed our personal story today, my son, my hero!

Happy Monday my friends! By the way, he turned 14 on the 28th. Such a kind sweet heart. 

Pinky Hobbs: Clear Scraps Designer



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