April Autism Tag by Pinky!
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Autism Awareness Altered Clipboard by Pinky!

Hi again friends!

It's Pinky once again today and yes I have another Autism Awareness craft to share, This one I created for my son Gage who has Autism. I wanted to make this for my wall so it reminds him that I think of him always and I will always be there. I used the beautiful 6" Puzzle Mascil /Stencil from Clear Scraps that they created with Autism in mind. 

Autism Awareness Clipeboard Craft by Pinky Hobbs Clear Scraps1

I love that Susan created this 6" Puzzle stencil with Autism in mind, it really shows the heart and soul of Clear Scraps and I always love creating projects using it. 

For this project I took the Clear Scraps Small Regular Portrait Clipboard and peeled off the protective film from the back, then I placed the 6" Puzzle Mascil at the top of the clipboard and used a yellow spray paint to create the puzzle pieces.

Autism Awareness Clipeboard Craft by Pinky Hobbs Clear Scraps2

After that I trimmed out some scrapbook papers and trimmed out the sides, also matting the photo and placing it on the bottom half of the Clear Scraps Acrylic Clipboard. I stamped the Autism sentiment and Puzzle piece with wings and trimmed them out from coordinating patterned paper and used Beacon Zip Dry to adhere everything onto the Clear Acrylic Clipboard. 

When I shared this with Gage he smiled and asked if we could hang it in the kitchen and that is where it stays!

I hope you enjoyed my project today, thanks for tagging along with my Autism craft journey in April.

Much love to you all,

Pinky Hobbs: Clear Scraps Designer 


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