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April Tag ~ Irene Tan

April Tag and Tag Box by Wendy Price

Today I'm sharing an April tag and storage box. I kept the design simple with a bit of wood grain pattern paper and a stamped butterfly. 

Tag box by wendy price

Now onto April's tag. If you are not a fan of glitter...look away. This technique is a lot of fun, but a bit of glittery mess. 

CS_april16 tag_wendy price


  1. Gather up your supplies. You will need a mascil, acrylic tag, double sided adhesive sheets, two colors of glitter and coconut oil soap. Avoid a mascil with small details because it will be harder to peel off the acrylic. 

CS_april16 tag1_wprice

2. Adhere adhesive sheets to the acrylic tag. 

CS-april16 tag2_wprice

3. Dampen the soap and rub it on the mascil, covering the entire mascil with soapy residue. This is important because the oil based soap will keep the mascil from sticking to the adhesive sheet. 

Cs_april16 tag3_wprice

4. Place your acrylic tag, adhesive down, onto the soaped side of the mascil. 

CS_april16 tag4_wprice

5. Flip the tag over and sprinkle glitter over the tag and mascil. With your finger, rub the glitter into the tag so it sticks well. 

CS_april16 tag5_wprice

6. Tap/brush off the extra glitter and return to container. 

CS_april16 tag6_wprice

7. Carefully peel the mascil off the adhesive. Go slow and be careful with how you pull it off. 


8. Sprinkle second color of glitter onto tag. Burnish glitter into adhesive with your finger. Brush off extra glitter and return to container. You've created the two glitter background for your tag!

CS_april16 tag7_)wprice

9. Stamp images, color, cut out and adhere to tag. Embellish tag with die cuts. 

CS_april16 tag8_wprice

Wendy Price- Clear Scrap Design Team Member



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