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Personalized Phone Case By Pinky!


Hey there friends, it's Pinky again today and I wanted to share a personal project I created before CHA 2016 but I keep this one for myself!

I LOVE Clear Scraps Mascils/Stencils and when I found some spray paint to cover all mediums I decided to personalize my phone case!


For this one I picked the best Spray Paint (MAXX) from Krylon and I took the case apart removing the rubber. Then I cleaned the plastic case with alcohol. 


I spray painted it in light blue, and allowed it to dry for about 4 hours. 

After that I placed the 6" Groovy Hearts Mascil (stencil) from Clear Scraps on it, and I used 3 colors to graduate them over the stencil. 


After that dried about 4 hours, I used Metallic Gold spray paint and painted the edges. 

Now I let that dry 24 hours, so yes this takes time! haha

Then I spray painted SEVERAL light coats of clear coat on it. 

Now after a couple months I found out you need several coats of clear coat and possibly a 24 hour drying time before adding the last coat, because the original I only coated twice and it eventually rubbed off. So lesson learned and passed to you!

ANY Clear Scraps Mascil will work, just choose your favorite!

What can you do with CS Stencils? They are amazing.

Until next time...

Pinky Hobbs:: Clear Scraps Designer and Educator


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