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Dress-form Bookmark Tutorial by Pinky!


Hey there friends, Pinky here. It's Monday and what makes Monday happy? A fun craft project tutorial!

Today I have some Dress-form Bookmarks that I created using Clear Scraps Dress Form Embellishments. 

First of all take the protective film off the top, I left the dress forms on the packaging. 

Using white StazOn ink stamp your quote onto the front, remembering to re-ink each impression.

 Dress Form Bookmarks Krylon Alcohl Ink Pinky Hobbs1

After that remove the protective film from the back and carefully drop alcohol ink onto dress forms (on the back) and allow it to dry. 

Dress Form Bookmarks Krylon Alcohl Ink Pinky Hobbs2


After that dries take them outside and spray the back (over the alcohol ink) with spray paint! Try different colors and it makes each one a different color. I used 3 colors and you can see the difference. 

Dress Form Bookmarks Krylon Alcohl Ink Pinky Hobbs3


Punch a hole in the top and add ribbon or leather cording, whatever looks the best. 

Dress Form Bookmarks Krylon Alcohl Ink Pinky Hobbs4


Great adult bookmarks with some sofistication!

Dress Form Bookmarks Krylon Alcohl Ink Pinky Hobbs5


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please do share if you make some!


Until next time, keep on crafting my friends. 

Pinky Hobbs: Clear Scraps Designer


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