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Flower Grab Bag album with Leah

Happy Monday Clear Scraps friends, I hope your weekend was wonderful. 
Today I am sharing the Flower Grab Bag album I embellished to hold
the photos I took of my family over Spring Break. At the time I made this album, we were
right in the middle of our Spring Break stay-cation, which is why there are no photos in it yet.


I used Clear Scraps 6" Chevron Mascil with course texture gel and acrylic paint to create this fantastic chevron pattern through-out the album.


While the paint was still wet, I took a Q-Tip to clean up some of the mess I had created while overlapping the Mascil on the album.

While I was creating patterns on the pages of the album, I also decorated a few embellishments as well, like the Fleu-d-lis you see on the cover.


I also rotated the Chevron Mascil slightly different on each acrylic page so you could see the other colors from the album cover.


On two of the album pages I adhered pattern paper to the back of the page just to mix it up a bit.


Embellishing the pages were quick and easy with the chevron pattern and colors. Pretty much anything I grabbed seem to belong there.


Now all I have to do is print out some 2 x 2.5" photos and add them to the album.


I can also print out any extra photos that won't fit on any other album page and place inside this little envelope here.



When you get a chance, check out all the fantastic Mascils Clear Scraps offers. I just used one and rotated its position in this album, and I really love the effect!

Thanks for stopping in!

Leah Crowe


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