Acrylic Gear Border
Coming January 1st!

Acrylic used like a piece of glass~ Clear Scraps acrylic sheet.

Hi! Connie here with an idea, to share, using the 12X12 acrylic sheets by Clear Scraps as a glass/protector for a project needing a glass, but you have no glass.  How about using  acrylic?


This frame is by Prima and comes with no glass or protector.  I wanted my piece to be like a shadow box that I could add momentos in with the photo, so adding a sheet of acrylic was the only thing to do :).


To get the size, of the inside of the space/frame, I took a sheet of tracing paper and with a pencil made a rubbing of the open area of the frame.  By doing that I got the size I needed to cut and then insert as the front of the frame.   This piece also comes apart from the back making it very easy to put the acrylic in place, once you are ready.

1. Place photo on back frame piece.

2. Insert acrylic front inside frame.

3. Finish memento placement.

4. Clamp back of frame back on.

Keep this idea in mind when you have a frame but the glass broke ~ acrylic works great!!!!

Here is another idea for the 12X12 acrylic sheets~

Use it as the protector for a scrapbook page that you want to display.  All you need to do this is a clip of some kind~


I love this idea.  You can change out scrapbook pages fast and enjoy more of them by displaying them.


Keeps all the fingers and dirty hands off your page but yet, you get to enjoy the project without the worry of it getting messed up.

Thanks for stopping by~

Connie Mercer

Clear Scraps DT



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I love using the Clear Scraps acrylic sheets for the fronts of mini albums, too. Beautiful projects Connie! And I agree that it protects our projects!

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