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Affirmation Frame by Pinky

Hi again it's Pinky today...

There are so many things that are special to my heart, from crafting to Autism, abuse advocacy, kindness and also empowerment of others. Anything that is true to you. 

On my mind this week was a conversation with a few friends that I love
and my journey to become truly happy with myself. 
 But I feel like the journey I have taken has enabled me to have true compassion for
others who might have walked my journey.
I decided to make her this frame- as I created it, I felt the love in my hands and
as I kept adding more embellishments the more happy it made me.
which is 18" LONG! I love it!!
I wanted her to see this every day and remember that she is incredibly 
beautiful and others see it.
This is how I created it, I would love to know if you decide to make one!
  1. Separate XL Rectangle Deco Top Frame and using Krylon Coral paint, spray paint chipboard base.
  2. Using Clear Scraps 12" Heart Arrow Mascil/Stencil and Krylon metallic paint (Brushed Nickel) spray paint edges and stencil onto base. 
  3. Take white paper flowers of all sizes and the 2 Krylon paints, paint them using both.
  4. Using lace- adhere lace around edges onto chipboard (not on acrylic top frame) and trim off excess. 
  5. Take acrylic top layer of frame and remove protective film. 
  6. Using paper lace tape- add accents to top and bottom of acrylic as shown in the photo. 
  7. Where you are placing flowers and accents use hot glue to adhere acrylic top layer to chipboard layer. (remember you will cover the hot glue with flowers and other accents so no glue will be seen)
  8. Hot glue gold sequin strand around inside edges. 
  9. Layer flowers using buttons and pearls, I used foam pop dots to lift them up. 
  10. Adhere to frame as shown using hot glue. 
  11. Add crystals and keys. 
  12. On the back add picture hanger. 
  13. Take Thickers fabric letters, spray paint using BOTH paints. 
  14. HOT glue the letters to base- I don't use only the adhesive on the letters for any him decor I always add hot glue or adhesive. 

That's it! Put your empowerment message inside and give to a friend.

A Bible verse if you are inclined or a prayer, anything that adds encouragement. 
Until next time- keep on creating!
Pinky Hobbs: Clear Scraps Design Team


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Pinky I love this extra long frame and how beautiful it turned out. I would so love this hanging in my home as a reminder. You are such a sweetie

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