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Halloween Coffins

Raechelle here sharing a fun way to use a clear 12X12 Clear Acrylic Craft Sheet. I am not huge into Halloween and have very little on the craft side for this holiday, so I really wanted to stretch my crativity. (This idea stemmed from another project I have in mind that I hope to share in the near future if it materializes as I have it envisioned in my head.)


To make these coffins find and print a template to your liking. 

Leaving the protective film on, trace over the template using a straight-edge. Now I didn't add the tabs as one would if they were making this as paper since I did not fold and adhere. You can see this in the image below:


Now you can cut. I left the protective film on for this step as well. (I recomend practicing a bit to get a feel for how the acrylic will cut.) 


To make it foldable, gently score lines using a razor knife. Be careful not to cut too deep. I ran my razor knife on each foldable edge twice. Now you can bend it. 

This is what it will look like:

Basic shape

Now you can remove the protective film. 

I am going to be compeltely honest here. Adhering the edges was difficult and required a bit of trial and error as well as patience and perseverance. I used Beacon Zip Dry to adhere. The first coffin I created came together pretty easily. For whatever reason I just could not neatly apply the Zip Dry to the edges of the second coffin so I decided to use paper to pull it all together. 

I filled them with candy and I think they turned out pretty cool. The finished size is approx. 3.5" l, 2.5" w at the apex and 1.5" deep. I made two, but I could have made three out of one 12X12 acrylic sheet. 

With candy

This idea could be applied to so many projects. Let your imagination run wild! 



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Julie Tucker-Wolek

What a GREAT idea!! I just loveeeeeeee these!!! Pinning!!!!!!

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