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A Decor Frame~ XL Deco Shape!

Hi,  Connie here with a decor piece using the XL Deco Shape.  I have done a tutorial, walking you through each step, on how this project was put together.



1. Remove the film from both sides of the acrylic frame.  Adhere tissue paper, old text paper or pattern paper to one side of the frame.  I used Fast Finish Decoupage by Beacon. Set aside and let dry.

2. Take the back of the frame set ( cardboard backing) and paint it black ( or color of your choice). I used chalk board spray paint ( sprayed out doors and let it dry, really good).

3.  Cover a chipboard number or shape with buttons.  I used 3-in-1 by Beacon to adhere the buttons to the "6" number ( chipboard).


4. Secure the back to the acrylic front with 3-in-1 by Beacon.  I only tagged it to keep it together.

5. I set eyelets at the top and added wire, for the hanger.

6. I added a metal ornate label embellishment at the bottom and trim at the top.


This was a fun project, it went pretty fast, but give it plenty of drying time before moving on to the next step.  This project can be done with any of the XL Deco shapes or word frames.

Thanks for stopping by~


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Lea Phelps

Very nice Connie. Your ideas are always fresh and pretty.

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